3 positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated

Updated Nov 22, 2017 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Have you decorated your car properly?

Decorating your car is an interesting work that helps to increase its aesthetics, luxury and warmth as well. However, there are some items that if car owners don’t know how to arrange properly, they could endanger your safety.

Here are 3 positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated. Check them out!

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1. Dashboard

According to experienced drivers, in order to prevent driving incidents on the road, car users shouldn’t place objects or glue the tape on the dashboard.

If the objects are on the dashboard’s surface without being reinforced firmly, when a sudden brake or a car crash happens, they may fly out of the dash panel and hit you or passengers sitting in the car. This could easily result in the risk of injury or even worse.

decors on the dashboard

Don't place objects or glue the tape on the dashboard

In addition, the placement of these objects in this position will also affect the operation of the front airbag which is hidden under the dashboard of the vehicle.

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2. Steering wheel

Next, the steering wheel area should not have any decorations. If the objects are glued carelessly, they will affect the operation of the airbag here again when a crash occurs.

steering wheel area

The steering wheel area should not have any decorations

3. Positions near car glass

Finally, positions next to the car glass also need to pay attention to. The car’s movement will obviously cause shaking or when the car meets an accident, objects in those positions may cause injuries by colliding with the nearby passengers’ head. So, don't beauify those areas with hard object, glass things or other ones that have high risks of injuring people.

hang decors near car windows

Positions near car glass shouldn’t be decorated with hard objects

Hopefully, you will find our article useful for your car decoration work and also for your safe driving. Don't forget to visit our page at Philkotse.com for more useful car tips and advice.