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Mitsubishi 2010 for sale

21 results found

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2010

Quezon, Quezon ₱325,000

Automatic Verified Contact 80,000 km

Mitsubishi Adventure Super Sport Price 350K

Capiz, Roxas City ₱350,000

Automatic Verified Contact 76,000 km

Mitsubishi L300 2010 Model For Sale

Metro Manila, Manila ₱385,000

Manual Verified Contact 83,126 km

2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GLS CVT

Metro Manila, Marikina ₱268,000

Shiftable Automatic Verified Contact 51,500 km

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 2010 Automatic Diesel

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱490,000

Automatic Verified Contact 196,000 km


Bulacan, Calumpit ₱620,000

Manual Verified Contact 90,000 km

Mitsubishi Adventure 2010

Nueva Ecija, Santa Rosa ₱420,000

Manual Verified Contact 88,887 km

2010 Mitsubishi Montero

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱610,000

Automatic Verified Contact 55,000 km

2010 Mitsubishi Montero Sports GLS V

Davao del Sur, Davao City Negotiable price

Manual Verified Contact 122,000 km

2010 Mitsubishi Galant

Pangasinan, Urdaneta ₱280,000

Automatic Verified Contact 77,000 km

Silver Mitsubishi Adventure 2010 for sale in Santa Rosa

Laguna, Santa Rosa ₱408,000

Manual 120,000 Km

Sell White Mitsubishi Montero in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila ₱549,999

Automatic 120,000 Km

Grey Mitsubishi Lancer ex 2010 for sale in Makati City

Metro Manila, Makati ₱400,000

Automatic 120 Km

Pearl White Mitsubishi Strada 2010 for sale in Pasig

Metro Manila, Pasig ₱575,000

Manual 60,000 Km

Selling Silver Mitsubishi Lancer 2010 in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila ₱220,000

Manual 42,000 Km

Sell Black 2010 Mitsubishi Montero GLS SE 3.2 4x4 Limited Automatic in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱610,000

Automatic 70,000 Km

Sell White Mitsubishi L300 in Bacoor

Cavite, Bacoor ₱425,000

Manual 10,000 Km

Black Mitsubishi Montero sport for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila ₱1,180,000


A checklist for first-time car buyers

Thank you for visiting our site! You are now at the page forMitsubishi 2010 for sale.Make sure to take advantage of our search box to find the best deal on your next car.

So provided that you've finally found some potential options from our certified listings, congratulations! As you head over to the nearest car dealerships, you will be bombarded with tons of information on the vehicle. These details may be daunting and confusing.

You already know that you want to bring the car home with you but the dealership just can't help themselves giving you all the information you might need just in case you need more.

Before you do take home your new four-wheel partner, here is a quick checklist of things to pay attention to so as to ensure that you wouldn't have buyer's remorse.

Decide which make and model you want

Just because the model is one of the Car brand's most popular models, it doesn't mean that it is the right one for you. Check out the entire dealership's inventory and see every model available.

We at have our own preferences and opinions about vehicles and want to help you out with making the best possible decision but at the end of the day, it's all up to you to find out what car you really want.

Ask for Financing Options

Not everyone can buy a vehicle outright. What if we told you that you can purchase any cars for sale with the right financial planning and creativity?

It never hurts to ask the dealership of the different financing schemes available for your purchase. Some dealers even have relationships with different banks that can give you different rates for your mortgage, while other car companies have their own in-house financing option giving you even more flexibility with your finances.

Insurance cost and Options

Car Insurance is mandatory and the Government requiring all car-buyers to purchase a policy before registering a vehicle. You have your choice of Third Party liability coverage that insures the third party involved in an accident that caused disability or death; or Comprehensive Insurance that covers the same but with the added feature of having yourself and your vehicle covered as well.

Test Drive the Vehicle.

A car can only look as good as it feels for you on the road. Ask your dealership for a test drive to make sure that the decision you are making is the correct one for your needs.

Check the interior

Make sure that the interior space, fit and finish, quality and features are up to par with your expectations. Pictures on the internet, videos, and reviews can only do so much with describing a car's interior space and quality.

Take a seat in the back and make sure that you can fit in relative comfort, or perhaps the interior should be lined with genuine leather, touch every panel to confirm and test the fit and finish as well.

Drive on the highway to gauge acceleration and handling

During the test drive try to push the engine to its limit. With this method, you will know if there are any internal items that were dislodged during transport to the dealership and to find if the power is just right for your needs.

Get your Documents Ready

Get your Bank Loan Documents ready, your Driver's license application forms and other requirements ready to save time at the dealership.

It would be too bad to get ready and pay for the car only for the release to be delayed due to missing details. Or delay the release because of trouble with LTO registration.

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