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Mitsubishi 2008 for sale

30 results found

Top of the Line Well kept Best buy 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS BK 4X4 Diesel AT

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Certified Seller 47,000 km

2008 Mitsubishi L300 Versa Van

Pampanga, Angeles


Manual Verified Contact 114,000 km

Black Mitsubishi Fuzion 2008 for sale in Santa Rosa

Laguna, Santa Rosa


Automatic 80,000 Km

Selling Black Mitsubishi Adventure 2008 in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Manual 80,000 Km

Selling Blue Mitsubishi Strada 2008 in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 130,000 Km

Sell Silver 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 30,000 Km

Selling Grey Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 in Guiuan

Eastern Samar, Guiuan


Manual 120,000 Km

Sell White 2008 Mitsubishi Strada in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Manual 100,000 Km

Sell Black 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 140,000 Km

Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 58,000 Km

Selling Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 in Santa Rosa

Laguna, Santa Rosa


Automatic 98,000 Km

Selling Black Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 60,000 Km

Sell Grey 2008 Mitsubishi Fuzion SUV / MPV in Bacoor

Cavite, Bacoor


Automatic 89,000 Km

White Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 SUV / MPV for sale in Roxas

Isabela, Roxas


Automatic 127,000 Km

White Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 SUV / MPV for sale in Jasaan

Misamis Oriental, Jasaan


Automatic 360,000 Km

Selling Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 in Davao City

Davao del Sur, Davao City


Automatic 40,000 Km

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2008 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 70,000 Km

Selling Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 131,000 Km

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Things to do after buying a car

You are now looking at our page for Mitsubishi 2008 for sale by reliable car dealers and owners with verified identities. All the listings posted on our site belong to the sellers. You can use our search bar to specify your preferred location within the Philippines. Once you've found a car you're interested in, please contact the seller directly to schedule meet-ups or visits as well as settle other terms of transaction.

After hours of enjoying yourself and windows shopping through the largest selection of certified car for sale listings, You might have an idea of what car you want to get. But you know what they say about research and comparing stuff, you can't have enough of information.

Once you've found the car you wanted from our listings page and hammered out a good deal, what's next? Would it be a good idea to bring it straight out of town? Cover it in a good blanket and call it “baby”?

We at would want to give you a few tips on what to do with your newly-bought car before anything else. You might want to read on, you might learn a thing or two.

Read the Manual

Your vehicle Owner's Manual is like a diary. A diary that contains all the quirks and features of your new ride. Written there are the different things your new car can do and what every button does.

If you've ever had a question about your car on how, why and when, more likely than not, you would find it on the Manual. Helpful tips like how to start your car, navigating through the infotainment system, arranging the seats and adjusting the various drive settings of your vehicle can save you the hassle and confusion.

Of course, you can always opt to just start and head off on your brand new car and learn along the way like so many car owners, but if you read the manual, you can soon fancy yourself as an expert on your particular ride.

Break-in the Engine

This is probably going to be a real point of contention among car enthusiasts. There are 2 schools of thought with breaking your car in.

Some say you have to take your car out somewhere to utilize the full capabilities of your new car. By flat-out hitting the accelerator and reaching the car's red-line within reasonable speeds on the free-way would loosen-up your car for the long haul. What this does is the mechanical bits of your engine would work at their capacity for the very first time.

A different set of guys will tell you to do the complete opposite. During the first 1000 km do not let the engine get too strained and shift as soon as possible.

What is our opinion on the matter? Read the section above about familiarizing yourself with the manual. Many cars nowadays will tell you what to do with the initial break-in. Also, speak to your dealership on what their prescribed break-in procedure would be about your car.

Check Fluids, Battery and Air Pressure

You should always do this even with old cars. A vehicle can be stuck in inventory storage for months on end before you purchase it.

Car dealerships should be able to check these for you before you drive it out of the lot but as soon as you do, your car is now your responsibility. Always check the car's oil and fluids and make sure that they are at the optimum level.

Owning a car should be and joyful affair and must be as painless and hassle-free as possible. Keep yourself tuned to for more car insights, tips and news and give yourself an edge over car-ownership.

In case you want to look around for more auto deals aside this list of Mitsubishi car for sale in the Philippines, please utilize our search bar to specify your preferred search criteria. And for each listing, you can easily find the contact details of the seller. Please kindly refer to the sellers for all of your questions regarding availability, payment installments, and financing options.

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