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Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2014 for sale

19 results found

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2014 GLS V Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±770,000

Automatic Certified Seller 50,000 km

Montero Sports 2010 GLS MT 4x4

Laguna, San Pablo β‚±730,000

Automatic Certified Seller 82,000 km

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2014 GLS V Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±770,000

Automatic Certified Seller 50,000 km

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2014 GLS V Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±770,000

Automatic Certified Seller 50,000 km


Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±798,000

Automatic Certified Seller 49,000 km

2014 Mitsubishi Montero Sports GLS-V AT 788t AAW-1556 AT (Brown)

Batangas, Lemery β‚±788,000

Automatic Certified Seller 30,000 km

Mitsubishi Montero glsv 2014

Pampanga, Bacolor β‚±738,000

Automanual Verified Contact 75,000 km

Montero Sport GLS-V 4x2 AT

Metro Manila, Marikina β‚±780,000

Automatic Verified Contact 65,000 km

2014 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GTV 2.4 4x4 AT

Rizal, Taytay β‚±820,000

Automanual Verified Contact 78,000 km

Mitsubishi Montero Sports glx 2014

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±728,000

Automatic Verified Contact 68,000 km

RUSH SALE !!! Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS V 2014

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±725,000

Automatic Verified Contact 80,000 km


Cavite, General Trias β‚±670,000

Automatic Verified Contact 70,000 km



Metro Manila, Muntinlupa β‚±650,000

Automatic Verified Contact

2014 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2.5 GLX Dsl A/T

Metro Manila, Malabon β‚±699,000

Automatic Verified Contact 70,000 km

Sell Purple Mitsubishi Montero sport in Makati

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±650,000

Automatic 160,000 Km

Purple Mitsubishi Montero sport for sale in Taytay

Palawan, Taytay β‚±820,000

Automatic 80,000 Km

Sell Silver Mitsubishi Montero sport in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila β‚±760,000

Automatic 100,000 Km

Black Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2014 for sale in Quezon

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±730,000

Automatic 90,000 Km

Avoiding Online Scams When Purchasing a Second-Hand Mitsubishi Montero Sport

The advancement in technology made commerce convenient and accessible for both buyers and sellers. As a word of caution from, be wary when transacting high-value properties such as used cars for sale.

Always remember, the online marketplace is filled with buyers and sellers, at the same time, it contains scammers.

So, how do you avoid getting scammed for such items? Here are some tips you can follow when looking for pre-owned Mitsubishi Montero Sport for sale.

1. Shop on Legitimate Sites

Thanks to the internet, people from different parts of the country can connect with a simple click. The same goes for e-commerce. Looking to expand the operations of your business, sell items online.

Looking for potential buyers for a car that you no longer use, post an ad online. It's easy. However, with the comfort that it brings, danger follows with lots of scams when buying cars.

Since it's easy to make bogus accounts and post pics of anyone else's car and label it as for sale, it is recommended that you browse legit websites.

Luckily, you are now reading this article from, one of the biggest online selling platforms for automobiles with a wide range of used vehicles for sale.

There are successful transactions on other sites, but still, you have to exercise caution. And that puts us to the next point.

2. Pay cash upon meet-ups.

As much as possible, paying through online transfers or bank to bank transactions are frowned upon. Never agree with the seller's condition to send payment through remittances.

Because once you fall into this bait, you say goodbye to a lot of money. An honest seller would agree that you need to evaluate, assess and inspect your Mitsubishi Montero Sport before paying.

3. Don't be deceived with pictures posted online.

The internet is a flashy façade of seemingly “too-good-to-be-true” photographs and stories. The same goes with seller photos.

You can only say that the Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2014 is safe to buy if you've done inspection and assessment. It would also help to have a trusty mechanic to tag along with you during the mentioned inspection.

4. Never disclose confidential information

This tip goes with every transaction you make online, not just with car shopping. If possible, never e-mail, send or fill-in online forms requesting credit card numbers, PIN numbers, or e-mail address that you use for your personal finances.

If the seller is asking such details, be wise enough to walk away from that deal.

5. Buy on local dealerships or acquainted private sellers.

To avoid the worries of being caught in such deceitful transactions, you can purchase a well-kept Mitsubishi car for sale from acquaintances or friends. In this manner, you are sure that you get the value out of your money.

You are well aware of the vehicle's state, plus you are not worried about the safety of the transaction since you are dealing with someone you already knew.

Make sure to ask for proper documentation from the seller as well. These include Certificate of Vehicle Registration, Receipt of Registration and the Original Plate Number as provided by the Land Transportation Office.

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