Momo Tires is soon to be distributed in the Philippines

Updated Jan 22, 2018 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Fuel Autotek Philippines has been chosen by two international tire manufacturers to become the official local distributor of aftermarket parts in the Philippines.

The Italian company Momo Tires is the latest player that has decided to join the competition in the automotive aftermarket in the Philippines. Momo Tires has named Fuel Autotek Philippines its official local distributor and is now making plans to introduce its premium Momo brand to the Filipino auto industry. All products of Momo Tires are engineered, tested and certified in Europe, and their quality has been proven as some of the best in the tire business.


Fuel Autotek Philippines is the Philippines-based subsidiary of Australia’s popular tire and wheel provider, Fuel Autotek AU. Apart from Momo Tires, Fuel Autotek Philippines is also going to distribute wheels and accessories of Deestone Tires, the largest tire manufacturer in Thailand. These two international tire manufacturers will together provide Filipinos with a full range of tire options, including those for SUVs, agricultural, industrial and passenger cars, as well as trucks, vans, and buses.
CFO Enzo Mastroianni of Fuel Autotek Philippines shares his excitement about this new collaboration opportunity. "We are thrilled to bring to the Philippines an exciting tire brand from Momo Italy,” he said, “which, after over 50 years of leading the global automotive and motorsports market with high performance steering wheels, road wheels and racing accessories, has launched Momo Tires."
Fuel Autotek is now establishing its network of dealership coverage in preparation for the launch of Momo Tires brand in 2017 Manila International Auto Show. Kevin Buenaseda, the marketing manager of Fuel Autotek Philippines discloses that the company’s main focus at the moment is to raise attention and increase enough visibility around the country. "We are enthusiastic and have begun our search for additional highly qualified dealers who share our vision and values. We want highly-motivated business partners who will passionately pursue and promote our carried brands in to the local market," he said.

So if you are currently shopping around for a new set of first-class tires for your car, you might want to wait for the brand’s official arrival to the Philippines later this year.