Mitsubishi – Thailand’s number one automotive exporter

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With total export volume of 309,915 units, Mitsubishi is now the largest auto exporter in Thailand.

Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) said the company have outpaced other large international car makers to become Thailand’s number one automotive exporter – with export volume of 309, 915 units for the fiscal year to 31 March, 2017.

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The company’s impressive export performance means that its Laem Chabang factory in Thailand is now the largest MMC global production hub with more than 80% of all local production earmarked for export. These vehicles reaches 120 counties all around the world.

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Workers in a car manufactory

Laem Chabang factory in Thailand is now the largest MMC global production hub

Nissan Motor Chief Carlos Ghosn has made his very first visit to the Laem Chabang plant since becoming Chairman of Mitsubishi Motors.
“The Laem Chabang plant in Thailand is a tremendous strength of Mitsubishi Motors' business. Our world-class production facilities are capable of producing 424,000 vehicles a year. As Thailand's leading automotive exporter, this factory has become the global production hub for Mitsubishi Motors," said Mr Ghosn.
The main export destinations include Europe (28%), ASEAN and Asia region (25%), North America (21%), Oceania (12%), Others (14 %).
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Mitsubishi Mirage in factory

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