Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Philippines: Review, Price, Specs, Interior

Updated Dec 20, 2022

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Find out what the Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Philippines has to offer in terms of price, specs, interior & exterior in our full review on

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1. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Philippines: A thunderstorm waiting to be unleashed

It’s hard to say about the Mitsubishi Pajero’s future. While its smaller sibling Montero Sport has notched up its success in local market, the Pajero seems to be put aside.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 on the road

In 2016, Mitsubishi sensibly decided to upgrade the SUV by giving it a stronger “heart”

Thankfully, back in 2016, Mitsubishi sensibly decided to upgrade the SUV by giving it a stronger “heart”. Frankly, this is a timely decision that significantly helped the Pajero retake its position in large crossover and PPV segment. So, let’s find out together what’s new in the Pajero as well as what have brought it glory for decades in this Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Review by To know full well all this SUV has to offer, we’re going to analyze the top-end version - Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 2017 3.2 Di-D VGT.

2017 Mitsubishi Pajero

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2. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Philippines: Exterior

The updated Pajero looks as if it imitates most styling cues of the previous SUV from bumper to bumper. We still see the familiar upright styling, upswept headlamps and the accustomed tailgate-mounted spare tire. Even, the signature flared wheel arches have been there for generations.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 side view

The signature flared wheel arches have been there for generations

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 wheel

A low-profile tire trend with bulky 18-inch alloys is useful for off-roading​

As mentioned earlier, Mitsubishi made changes under the hood, so it goes without saying that the Pajero exterior is old-school. That said, it’s not a problem as an eye-catching look cannot help it in going off-road. Yes, a high ground clearance and short approach angles are sufficient to fulfill its job, along with a low-profile tire trend with bulky 18-inch alloys. Also, they’re as much as the Pajero need to become an icon in automotive landscape. So, it’s better to let it be.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 angular rear

We still see the accustomed tailgate-mounted spare tire


Changan CS15

Changan CS15

Model Price Philippines

₱ 799,000

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,555,000 - ₱ 2,888,000

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Model Price Philippines

₱ 4,479,000 - ₱ 4,612,000

3. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Interior

Candidly, it is necessary to condemn the thick pillars for obscuring visibility in new vehicles. However, in the Pajero, a commanding view of the road is provided thanks to thin pillars. Soft and supportive front seats should also be applauded. As for the rear, passengers can enjoy the view from the tall windows. For more light, open the sunroof over your head. Head- and legroom are ample to keep you comfort. Nevertheless, if only the rear seats had more contour or lumbar support, everything would be faultless.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 interior

Soft and supportive front seats should also be applauded

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 sunroof

For more light, open the sunroof over your head​

When it comes to interior packaging, this old stager starts showing its age. In fact, seats in the second row don’t slide forward and putting the third row is an unpleasant task that requires you to remove a panel, lift the seats up and pull the single piece backrest out. After all, that row is just ideal for children.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 cargo space

When it comes to interior packaging, this old stager starts showing its age

4. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Philippines: Accessories

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 interior

If there is something new, it is just the touchscreen

In terms of design, it can be said that you’re sitting in a car of last decade that features an upright and almost Spartan layout. If there is something new, it is just the touchscreen. No telescopic steering wheel adjustment and no automatic-up for power windows. Luckily, it has got a digital readout for altitude, fuel economy, average speed and compass.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 analog gauges

It has got a digital readout for altitude, fuel economy, average speed and compass

5. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Philippines: Performance

This is exactly what we’ve wait to show you. Newest in the 2017 Pajero is an upgraded engine as noted. Still the 3.2L DOHC Di-D turbo diesel mill, but currently it comes with a Variable Geometry Turbo. While the ancient unit just cranks out 192 PS, the tuned one is able to muster a higher output of 192 PS and 441 Nm of max torque. The power plant is armed with a 5-speed automatic gearbox with INVECS-II.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 engine

A familiar 3.2L DOHC Di-D turbo diesel mill is under the bonnet

Behind the wheel, you must have to ponder yourself how far turbo diesels have come. A rattling sound from the outside blends with a quick prod on the throttle will finally create a sound that’s more muffled that the Fieldmaster. Sound insulation is noteworthy in the aged SUV. The cabin is blissfully quiet without noise and vibration. If there is something you can hear from inside, it might be a little wind whistle coming from the large side mirrors.

In aspect of performance, the new VGT engine can let the Pajero keep abreast of any modern vehicles’ capabilities. The acceleration is admirable and keeping going at highway speeds is a child’s play. Even when fully loaded, the car still performs efficiently. Sad to say, this mill has run through decades and turbo lag, no doubt, is obvious from the standstill. For all that, the performance makes us satisfied, to our eyes.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 on the road

For all that, the performance makes us satisfied

Additionally, more power means a less strained engine. Likewise, fuel economy is not poor as you’ve thought. In the city, the Pajero still does a commendable 8.2 km/L with an average speed of just 17 km/h. Highway mileage, on the other hand, indicates 13.1 km/L at 94 km/h.

When judging the exterior, we’ve hinted at the Pajero’s off-road capabilities. Nonetheless, before discussing more this talent, we want to thrash out its performance around the city. The ride is soft and excellently meets its duty of taking in road imperfections. With a weight of over 2.5 tons, do not worry that you could be blown away by strong crosswinds while in this giant. At low speeds, by contrast, the steering inputs are slow and the body pitch is pronounced. To be honest, the Mitsubishi Pajero is not a dynamic workhorse in its class regarding handling.

Mitsubishi Pajero Off-road

Forget the Mitsubishi Pajero’s frailty as it’s time for it to shine. Off-roading, as you all know, is its forte. Owing to a great suspension system in charge of absorbing bumps and ruts, the cruiser will kept you fixed in the cockpit while travelling rough roads. Some off-road fans complain about the lack of rigid axles, the all-independent set up will compensate for that. A center locking differential also comes as an offering. As a fun fact, perhaps the Pajero is among the SUVs that are not afraid of getting dirty.

6. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Price in the Philippines

It is possible that the brilliant performance makes the Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 expensive. It is at the far end of two million pesos: ₱2,770,000 to be exact. Generally speaking, it's difficult to justify buying a Pajero when it comes to price.

Mitsubishi Pajero Price in the Philippines
 Model Price
Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 3.8 AWD ₱2,570,000
Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 3.2 AWD ₱2,770,000

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Specs in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Specs in the Philippines
Overall Length 4900 mm
Overall Width 1875 mm
Overall Height 1870 mm
Wheelbase 2780 mm
Tread (Front/Rear) 1570 mm/ 1570 mm
Gross Weight 2865 kg
Seating Capacity 7 Persons
Fuel Tank Capacity 88 L
Turning Radius 5.7 m
Engine & Performance
Engine Type 3.2L 16-Valve DOHC Turbocharged and Intercooled DI-D (4M41)
Displacement 3200 cc
Bore x Stroke 98.5 mm x 105 mm
Compression Ratio 17:1
Maximum Power  165 PS @ 3,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 373 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Fuel System Electronic Common Rail Direct Innjection
Transmission Type INVECS-II 5-Speed AT with Sportronic Mode and Super Select II 4WD (SS4-II)
(Gear Ratio) 3.789
(Gear Ratio) 2.057
(Gear Ratio) 1.421
(Gear Ratio) 1.000
(Gear Ratio) 0.731
Reverse 3.865
Final Gear Ratio 3.917
Transfer Gear Ratio - High 1.000
Transfer Gear Ratio - Low 1.900
Suspension & Brakes
Front Suspension Double Wishbone Coil Springs with Stabilizer Bars
Rear Suspension Multi-Link Coil Springs with Stabilizer Bars
Front Brakes 17-inch Ventilated Discs (4-Pot)
Rear Brakes 17-inch Ventilated Drum-In-Discs
Tires & Wheels
Tires 265 / 60 R18 110H
Wheels 18" x 7.5 JJ Alloy
Gear Type Rack and Pinion
Stering Wheel 4-Spoke Leather-Wrapped
Audio Controls Equipped
Cruise Control Equipped
Multi-Information Display Control Equipped
Multi-Media System
  • 6.5 Inch Touch Screen LCD Monitor
  • Single In-Dash DVD
  • Tuner
  • MP3 Player
  • USB port
  • iPod-ready
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Audio Jack
GPS Navigation (Dealer Option)
Speakers 6 (Including 2 Tweeters)
Antenna Glass-Printed
Seat Material Leather, Fabric
Multi-Information Display Equipped
Safety Features
Front SRS Airbags Yes
Side Airbags Yes
Curtain Airbags Yes
Driver's Seatbelt 3P ELR with Pretensioner and Adjustable Belt x 2
Front Passenger's Seatbelt 3P ELR with Pretensioner and Adjustable Belt x 2
2nd Row Seatbelts 3P ELR x 3
3rd Row Seatbelts 3P ELR x 2
Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control (M-ASTC) Yes
Hill Start Assist Yes
Anti-Lock Braking System Yes
Tire Pressure Mitigation (FCM) system Yes (Dealer Option)
Reverse Camera Yes (Dealer Option)

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7. Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Review: Verdict

There must be reasons why the Mitsubishi Pajero has still been loved in our country despite a fairly exorbitant price tag. Ride and handling is not masterly, the appearance and cabin are a little banal. However, it is admitted that we cannot resist its appeal while taking on roads less traveled.

What do you make of this SUV? Hope that after scanning our Mitsubishi Pajero 2017 Review, you can confidently write down your thoughts; this also means our article has enormously been successful. For more in-depth reviews about other sought-after vehicles in the Philippines, please click here.