Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Price, Specs, Interior & More

Updated May 24, 2023

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If you’re a big fan of Mazda crossover and seeking for one, our Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines review on might be a good reference.
Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Price, Specs, Interior & More

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Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: A great city-friendly size crossover

Do you know how do Mazda engineers build a crossover (the Mazda CX3 in this case)?

For starters, they work on driving dynamics and make their car as fun-to-drive as possible. After that, they give it a “heart” which is very efficienct, strong and provide enough power for its size. Lastly, they wrap all that engineering in a stylish and polish coat.

Mazda CX3 2018 side view

The Mazda CX3 2018 is a charming and playful workhorse

Yes, it’s exactly what the Japanese brand did when planning out its seductive CX3. And surely, the result is a charming and playful workhorse. Better still, in the updated model, the company even gives the crossover G-Vectoring control which promises to bring more interesting driving experience on the road. Curious about the new CX3?

Let’s find out together in this full-scale Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines review by

Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Exterior

Once you peer at a B-segment crossover of Mazda, you can’t help taking your eyes off of it, to be frank. Being a fan of Mazda also means you’re a fan of KODO – Soul of Motion that we already defined in our Mazda CX5 review. This design language also makes the CX3 an alluring little crossover to look at. How tiny it is when seen in the metal!

Mazda CX3 2018 angular front

Once you peer at a B-segment crossover of Mazda, you can’t help taking your eyes off of it

From bumper to bumper, the vehicle puts in sport utility from a design point of view. The front fascia is prominent with sharp lines boosted by a massive grille. The fenders are noticeable styling cues that come with lines and creases to be sleek yet Mazda engineers did not overdo it. On top of that, the unpainted plastic cladding also perfectly matches to the bodywork.

Mazda CX3 2018 side view

From bumper to bumper, the vehicle puts in sport utility from a design point of view

Coke-bottle window line, strikingly, is a nice throwback to the past.

On the whole, the CX3 is a cohesive piece of design harmoniously blending aggression and svelte. It is daring, if I must choose a word to depict that look.


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Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Interior

Step inside and throw yourself into the driver’s seat and feel what this driver-oriented cabin gives you. The dash wraps around you while the high window line makes it feel like you are hunkered down in the seat no matter what driving position you set it to.

Mazda CX3 2018 interior

Step inside and throw yourself into the driver’s seat and feel what this driver-oriented cabin gives you

Materials are almost fine, but for hard plastic on the doors and dash. Thankfully, areas where you put your hand most often are wrapped in sold and high quality materials.

Offering enough room for 5 persons but the Mazda CX3 is truly not the most spacious crossover out there. Worse still, the accommodations are tight in there. If you’re fairly tall, your knees could hit the front seat, trust me. More than that, the rear seats are a token and it should be for use only when really needed. Toe room is likewise insufficient. As for cargo space, you should only store light groceries or two overnight bags at most. How ironic granted, it's a crossover.

Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Accessories

The Mazda CX3 2018 interior is minimalist, no, familiar is more exact. It’s quite akin to the Mazda2 cabin, right down to the circular air vents. Certainly, a signature floating screen is still outstanding on the center part of the dashboard that is reminiscent of a bit of a European vehicle vibe. More specifically, the rotary dial in the center console seems to remind us of a certain German auto marques.

Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Engine & Performance

Though the cockpit is not appreciated, the “heart” under the sheet metal has compensated for that. Motivating the baby crossover is a 2.0L power plant with the brand’s SkyActiv-G technology. With total power and torque of 148 PS and 198 Nm, the Mazda CX3 is one of the most powerful B-segment crossovers out in local auto market today. Power is fed to all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Leaving the self-shifter aside, it features the qualities of a sporty ride.

Mazda CX3 2018 engine bay

Motivating the baby crossover is a 2.0L power plant with the brand’s SkyActiv-G technology

As mentioned earlier, the CX3 possesses one of the best electronic power steering systems in the current market – G-Vectoring control. There's feedback and feel when you start to turn the wheel that is a refreshing feeling that over-boosts steering assists. This machine will inform you where the wheels are pointed the whole time with little to no numbness. In generally, the 2018 CX-3 is more hatchback than crossover when it comes to handling.

Thanks to an AWD and smart torque management systems, the handling is imperturbable. It won’t make you disappointed when bringing it up winding roads secure, it just gives up grip. Correspondingly, the G-Vectoring will help you back out the corner while the AWD system will make you stay planted. Definitely, the involving and secure drive signifies that the ride is on the firm side. Still, it is by no means spine busting and, by contrast, is very daily drive friendly.

Mazda CX3 2018 on the road

The CX3 possesses one of the best electronic power steering systems in the current market

In spite of the fact that this CX3 is an AWD model, it is more advisable not to stray too far off the rugged terrains. Due to a not-very-high ground clearance, a quick ride along a dirt path sees the front facet coming hazardously close to the ground. One more thing to keep in mind is that it’s better not to let it go off-roading unless you want it to confront high speed bumps in Bonifacio Global City.

The 2.0L’s power delivery is active as it names evokes. Its small size might make you see the CX3 as a hot hatch, but actually, there is a large-capacity engine under the hood propelling the little car to help it easily pass and merge on main roads. Even, just a light foot on the accelerator is enough to top out highway speeds.

The fuel economy is impressive owing to a light body. In heavy traffic, it has decent fuel consumption of 8.2 km/L at an average speed of 16.0 km/h. As you see, a big engine does not always mean poor fuel efficiency.

Mazda CX3 2018 Price in the Philippines

The Mazda CX3 2018 is a recommended vehicle to shortlist if you're in the market for a handsome and fun-to-drive crossover. Nonetheless, at P1,600,000, it appears not to be a car for the money in its segment.

Mazda CX3 2018 price in the Philippines
Model 2017 SRP 2018 SRP Difference
2018 Mazda CX-3 Pro 2WD P1,280,000 P1,290,000 P10,000
2018 Mazda CX-3 Sport 2WD P1,380,000 P1,510,000 P130,000
2018 Mazda CX-3 Activ AWD P1,480,000 P1,600,000 P120,000

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Mazda CX3 2018 Specs in the Philippines

Mazda CX3 2018 Specs in the Philippines
Name Mazda CX-3 2.0 AWD Activ AT
Body Type Crossover
Price  P1,600,000
Transmission Type Automatic
Length 4,275 mm
Width 1,765 mm
Height 1,535 mm
Wheelbase 2,570 mm
Turning Circle 10.6 m
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Number of Doors 5
Number of Seats 5
Engine & Performance
Engine Size 2.0 L
Displacement 1,998 cc
Number of Cylinders 4
Number of Valves 16
Transmission Category SkyActiv-DRIVE 6-Speed Automatic w/ Sport Mode
Power Train All-Wheel Drive
Max Output 148 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Max Torque 192 Nm @ 2,800 rpm
Fuel Type Gasoline
CO2 Emission n/a
Fuel Capacity 44 L
Features & Technologies
Cruise Control No
Front Parking Sensors No
Rear Parking Sensors Yes
Leather Upholstery Yes
Push Start Button Yes
Wheel Size 18 in
Wheels Metal Type Aluminum Alloy
Airconditioning System Electronic Automatic Single-Zone Temperature Control
Entertainment System
  • 7-inch Touchscreen LCD
  • Single-DVD Player
  • MP3
  • Aux-in
  • 2-USB
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Bluetooth
  • BOSE 6-Speakers and Amplifier
  • USB
  • AUX
  • Bluetooth
Navigation Ready Yes
Keyless Entry Yes
Roof Rack No
Sunroof No
Electric Adjustable Seats No
Power Steering Yes
Power Windows Yes
Power Outlet Yes
Steering Wheel Audio Control Yes
AWD Modes i-ACTIV All-Wheel Drive system
Tire Pressure Monitoring No
Heads-up Display Yes
Power Liftgate No
Start-stop System Yes

Mazda CX3 2018 Review: Pros & Cons

Mazda CX3 2018 Review: Pros & Cons


  • Impressive styling           
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Better capabilities


  • A bit cramped rear row
  • AWD could have improved the capabilities

Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines: Verdict

Mazda CX3 2018 side view

Nice-looking, agile, flexible and fuel efficient are enough to negotiate whatever road you want to take

At the end of the day, hope this newest stunningly seductive B-segment crossover of the Mazda Skyactiv family has made you fulfilled. Nice-looking, agile, flexible and fuel efficient are enough to negotiate whatever road you want to take. If you don’t mind the price, the Mazda CX3 2018 Philippines is certainly a right choice.