Things to remember when cleaning the car exhaust pipe

Updated Jan 23, 2019 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Is it time for you to clean your car's exhaust pipe?

Many car owners only pay attention to the body and wheels of a car and forget that the exhaust also needs to be taken care of. Shining exhaust pipes not only help improve the aesthetic value of the car but also protect the exhaust pipe from rust due to carbon dust in the emitted fume and prolong the lifespan of the exhaust pipe. Therefore, cleaning the exhaust pipe is also essential.

Now, let's take a note and will show you 3 main things to remember when cleaning outside the car exhaust pipe. 

1. Know which types of materials the exhaust pipe are made

The material used to make the exhaust pipe consists of three types: low-carbon steel, chrome-plated steel, and stainless steel dedicated to the aerospace industry.

The advantage of low carbon steel is that it is cheap and lightweight but easily deformable when subjected to external forces. It is especially easy to be rusty, which is not comparable to stainless steel. During the operation of the exhaust, the pipe will be exposed to carbon dioxide in exhaust gases, impurities or salts in mud, water and snow. That’s why it is necessary to plate with chrome on the outside.

For stainless steel, this is the ideal material for the production of exhaust pipes because the life expectancy is four to five times longer than that made of chrome-plated steel and it is not easy to crack. It is resistant to corrosion, and when polished it will be as shiny as a mirror. Its disadvantage is the high cost, but if you really want to reduce the frequency of maintenance or replacement, you should not spare any expense for the pipe made of this material.

Car exhaust pipe

Know which types of materials the exhaust pipe are made

2. Prepare cleaning products and tools 

There is a wide range of safe cleaning products available to use for the exhaust pipe, such as grease cleansers, special cleaning substances, wheel cleaning agents and metal polishers. Car owners can refer to experienced car users to find the type of cleaning products that best suit the exhaust pipe of their cars. Many people have a high opinion of the E1 Diable and P21S Metal Polishing Soap by Chemical Guys.

After cleaning and polishing, additional wax for metal can be used to protect the surface of the exhaust pipe.

Use a microfiber towel to wipe the outside surface; professional brushes for cleaning the wheel and steel wool made from super-fine steel threads (similar to sponge pads) to clean the inside of the tube to avoid scratching the outer surface.

Cleaning a car exhaust pipe

Use a microfiber towel to wipe the outside surface

3. Steps in cleaning the exhaust pipe

Step 1: Spray cleaning solution to clean the outside and inside of the pipe to remove dirt as well as carbon deposits inside.

Step 2: Leave the solution for a few minutes to achieve a maximum cleaning effect, then use tools to clean. Use a brush to scrub inside the tube thoroughly, try to push the brush as deep as possible. Then rinse off with water to prepare for polishing.

Step 3: Use the steel wool, pour the polishing fluid and start rubbing gently. Especially for those who have just bought a used car, more time and effort should be spent on this step.

Step 4: Use a towel to re-clean the exhaust again, you will see immediately that the shininess has become more impressive. As soon as the car is cleaned, and the exhaust pipe is polished, the whole aesthetic value of the car will rise significantly.

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