Solutions to keep rodents out of your car engine

Updated Feb 02, 2021

Mice, rats and other rodents are always the problem of all times. Even they can live and create mayhem in the engine compartments.
In fact, the damage done to vehicles by rodents can be considerable. Specifically, gnawing wires or ripping out insulation for nesting materials can destroy some of main parts of your engine then cause significant financial loss.

Thus, finding solutions to prevent this situation is necessary for all drivers. Follow some successful tips rat damage victims have tried to keep rodents way from the car engine:

Step 1: Protect your vehicle

It is advisable that you park your car in a garage because it’s hard for rodents to break into your garage covered with four solid walls.

If they still have chances of accessing your garage, raising a cat is a good idea. However, remember to feed your cat less so that it can go hunting more often.
A cat is rushing a mouse

Raising a cat is a good idea.

Moreover, you can also put mouse traps or rap poison around the car, for examples, next to the wheel where they climb to enter the engine bay or on the passenger floor boards, etc.

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Step 2: Use rodent repellent tactics

You can find many products which can help protect your car from rodents in Filipino markets.

Among those products, we seriously propose that you should use ultrasonic devices. Install at least two car ultrasonic rodent repellent devices near the car or in the engine bay to deter any kind of rats away from your car permanently.
car ultrasonic rodent repellent device installed in a BMW

You should use ultrasonic devices.

Additionally, consider a reliable brand, CarCat Utrasound Rat Repellent is highly recommended.

One more practical solution is using mothballs and pine-tree air fresheners. These strong-smelling substances can keep the rats far away your car.

Besides, the others like peppermint oil, powdered fox urine, used cat litter, cat hair, dog hair, Pine-Sol, Irish Spring soap, red pepper, and laundry dryer sheets are also effective solutions.
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Step 3: Leave the hood up

Rodents are looking for a dark place to nest and a secure place to hide. Therefore, you need to open the hood when parking your car. Sure, you don’t want your engine bay to get darker, warmer and become an ideal place for rodents to build nest.
a car with an opened hood

You need to open the hood when parking your car. 

Following the solutions above will definitely help you prevent rodents from ruining your car engine. However, the drivers also need to pay a little extra attention when they notice an unfamiliar squeak in their vehicle so as to seek the ultimate and immediate solution.

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