16 useful driving tips to enhance your fuel mileage

Updated Nov 11, 2017 | Same topic: Save fuel - Save Earth

These are 16 driving habits and proper uses for you to achieve the best fuel efficiency.

Fuel economy is always the top concern of car owners because fuel price is going up every day. Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle is not the only solution for this problem. In fact, your driving style and your car's condition have a great impact on the amount of fuel consumption. Therefore, you wouldn't have to throw away a lot of money on fuel when you have a good driving hobby, a proper use and a careful car maintenance.

Check our 16 tips below out to become a wise car user.

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How to Drive To Minimize Fuel Use

1. Reduce time spending of your car

A map

Shortening time that you spend on your car also means consuming less fuel

2. Don't let your car carry excess weight

A car carries excess weight

Needless items can weigh you down and reduce the fuel efficiency by 1-2% for each extra 100 lbs

3. Don't run too fast

Traffic signs for vehicles' speed limit

Over speeding not only gets yourself into trouble but also increase your car's fuel efficiency by up to 23% for every 8kph over the speed limit

4. Change gear in good time

A car speedometer

Change gear when you pull away or speed up your car and don't forget the tachometer to avoid over revving

5. Use higher gears

changing a gear

By using higher gear, you can lower the engine speed and improve your car's fuel economy

6. Turn off your idling engine

No idling traffic sign

Don't waste your fuel for idling engine when you are waiting for someone or any other reasons

7. Close the car windows

Notices of keeping windows closed

The wind might slow you down while you let the windows be opened and result in higher fuel consumption

8.Driving smoothly

Drive smoothly

Accelerating and suddenly braking can result in a third more fuel spending

9. Take the roof rack off

A roof rack

Using roof rack might reduce your car's fuel economy by up to 5%

10. Take care of your engine

A car engine

Both well-tuned engine and following the service manual can increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency by up to 4%

11. Restrict using air-condition

Turn off a car air-condition

Air-conditioner make driving experience more comfortable but fuel-consuming

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12. Keep the tires at proper pressure

Checking car tires's pressure

Properly-inflated tires are not only safer and long-lasting but also improve fuel economy by 3%

13. Check the seal on the fuel cap

A fuel cap

Avoiding fuel evaporating is also a way to save fuel

14. Don't let the air filters dirty

A air filter of a car

Replacing or cleaning the filters might enhance the fuel efficiency by 10% and also help raise the engine's age

15. Stay calm

Keep calm and drive your car

Good drivers always stay calm to make best decisions while driving and it’s a crucial factor to achieve fuel efficiency

16. Use the right oil

Using the right oil

Engine will work more efficiently and consume less fuel by 1-2% with right motor oil

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