10 bad car noises Filipino drivers should look out for

Updated Mar 16, 2021

Listen to these car noises to diagnose diseases of your vehicle and find the best remedy.

Everyday driving especially in local condition will be maintenance challenge, but car noise that is trouble may pop up and mean something is wrong. Drivers need to know what sounds mean or its trouble!

Driving in and out every day will be wear and tear on your vehicle and sometimes something happens then it’s too late. Most of use, only know how to drive and it is taken for granted that even a new car is immune to vehicular problems. Luckily for some the severity of the problem is just a minor fix, and nothing more than that! But, for some lucky ones that will stall the car and may involve a tow to the repair shop too. There are many factors that are the causes of these problems, never take for granted that car is always in tip-top condition.

car noise

Car noise that is trouble may pop up and mean something is wrong

One solution is to know when something is wrong, because cars will have signs that will signal a problem is coming. Initially, it will be some variations in the cars handling while driving, but it will progress into fully fledged problems soon which is not desirable! Now, here comes the sounds which are unnoticed at first and then will get louder slowly. Usually a car will progress into a “screaming mimi” when it really needs repair.

Once the tolerance of the problem reaches critical the next level is simple repair or something in between then breakdown, they should be avoided at all costs. Some repairs may cost little but sometime it could cost a bundle, just because car noise that is trouble was ignored! That's why Philkotse.com comes up with the following tips for better car maintenance.

5 of the Worst Sounds Your Car Can Make

1. 10 car noises to look out for

Knowing what car noise that is trouble for drivers isn’t easy for most drivers and most of the time their cars will have problems on the road! For starters, most car noises will make noise from moving parts in it. When it’s stationary, there won’t be any noise to catch and when the battery’s dead then it will be impossible to diagnose.

So, when squealing, hissing, creaking, banging, and scrapping is heard while driving then pullover or go to the nearest car garage to have it checked! Though, sometimes it can happen in far place that will force anyone to knuckle down and check what it is.

1. Pop goes something! Old school is easier to deal with and with a few tweaks to make it better, but modern cars with CPUs is pain when it needs reprogramming. No difference really but between the two, old school compared to CPUs is way better.

2. Squealing noises can be really bad because it means the wheels have a problem. Rotating tires should be quiet but a squealing one will mean you got to stop and check. The moving parts like the wheel bearing is in need of replacement, smooth turning is only possible with a good wheel bearing.

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car wheel

Rotating tires should be quiet but a squealing one will mean you got to stop and check

3. It gets better with a screeching sound that is very annoying, and will lead to may problems later. Pop the hood and you’ve got so many belts, a few connected to fly wheels than run the alternator, air-con, and engine cooling too. They can be loose and if luck is real bad, one of it is a timing chain or belt that stops the engine totally.

4. Hard sounds from scraping is when the metal part of wipers will scratch the windshield and make lines. Windshields aren’t cheap and several deep scratches can be very inconvenient for many drivers.

Other causes are scraping when parking when it’s not so visible when parking sensor fails to detect obstacles.

5. Driving over uneven roads or bad ones will chip away at the under chassis, unless the suspension is heavy duty. A real clunking sound will be as serious as squeal because the suspension system is compromised!

car suspension system

A real clunking sound will be as serious as squeal because the suspension system is compromised

6. Steering the car and a clicking sound emanates, it’s no cause for alarm but the ball joints and the velocity joint will need replacement. Actually a minor repair but it is expensive, especially for some suspension parts.

7. Whenever a ticking or knocking sound coming from the engine’s top is heard, it means no oil and without it no lubrication for the moving parts. Sometimes it’s just an easy fix with a litter of oil, or there’s engine damage already.

8. Another of the top 10 bad signs is a hissing noise that means overheating, or some of the tubes for cooling is leaking or needs replacement. Overheating could be a problem in the radiator or some blockages that prevent circulating water by the water pump.

hissing car noise

A hissing noise means overheating, or some of the tubes for cooling is leaking or needs replacement

9. When shifting gears in manual or when shifting an automatic transmission and grinding sounds happen will not be good! Can be some worn clutch discs or some auto transmission parts need repair! A bad transmission will prevent the car from moving and force it, then you’ve got humongous repair bill too. Best to shift right and not abuse the car’s tranny all times!

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10. Really loud scratching noise that comes from the tires, when driving. If you touch the wheels and its hot then the brakes have a problem. The brakes pads might be worn-out; brake rotor is being abraded by it and produces the sound while spinning. Worst case is that it needs smoothening in a machine shop, but this is still manageable but mostly an inconvenience.

No driver wants to ever hear these noises but it can’t be avoided most of the time. Best is to fix it a.s.a.p. to avoid having a greater headache to worry about. A pound of preventive maintenance is cheaper than “full-on repairs”!

listening to car noise

No driver wants to ever hear these noises but it can’t be avoided most of the time

2. Simple remedies for car noises

The solution for these worst case scenarios is quite simple and even drivers who “diddly” except driving will find it practical. Here it goes!

  1. Always check the parts that can be replaced easier and repair it immediately.
  2. When the car makes a noise while running, check the underside or the engine compartment what it is. Have the under chassis parts check and replaced, and don’t wait until the last second!
  3. If the transmission feels a bit sluggish and difficult, stopping is better because the transmission will cost a bit. Better stop and have it towed on a truck bed not have it pulled.
  4. Keep all liquids level and the oil in the engine complete, this is the simplest step for anyone to do.
  5. Keep tires inflated and wheel in alignment, so the suspension much better. Poorly inflated tires will shorten tire life drastically and tax the suspension system.

3. Conclusion

Is driving a piece of cake? Yes, but when one has to learn how to listen to the car does make it a bit tedious! Practical means knowing what can happen when a car noise that is trouble for drivers is noticed. Better be prepared is better so appropriate action is taken, and not be taken by surprise.

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