Toyota Rush vs Avanza - 2 MPVs from the same manufacturer: Which is better?

Updated Jan 04, 2021

The Rush and the Avanza are two seemingly very similar vehicles on paper. Are there any differences apart from their price tags? Let's find out in our Rush vs Avanza comparo!

1. Toyota Rush vs Avanza Philippines: Introduction

As we know quite well, the Toyota Rush’s natural born competitors in the Philippine 7-seater MPV market segment is the Honda BR-V and the Mitsubishi Xpander. These, including the Rush, however are not just some plain old MPV but are somewhat miniature SUVs.

In the case of Toyota’s line-up though, there’s another seven-seater MPV albeit not so much a mini-SUV but rather, an econo-MPV. That ladies and gents is the best-selling Toyota Avanza.

To those who are unaware, the Toyota Rush’s third generation kown as the F800/F850 which runs from 2017 up to the present is actually based on the Toyota Avanza platform. The Rush has the same engine, the same layout, and the same transmission with the Avanza.

But despite these similarities, there are some elements to these two vehicles sets them apart and for this article on, let us see how these two Toyota-made MPVs are different by comparing their specs side by side.

To make the task at hand simpler, the specs that we will be taking a good look at will mainly come from each of these model’s top of the line variant, the 1.5 G AT for the Rush and the 1.5 Veloz AT for the Avanza. We will still take a look on other variants for each model as per needed.

The 2019 Toyota Rush in white

A picture of the 2019 Toyota Avanza

They might look miles apart in exterior design but they are more alike than you think.

2. Toyota Rush vs Avanza Dimensions: Which has more space?

Toyota Rush vs Avanza Philippines: Dimension
Toyota Rush
Toyota Avanza
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Cargo Volume

In the Rush vs Avanza discussion, the Rush is obviously a larger vehicle. It is longer by about 245 milimeters, wider by around 35, and higher by about 9. While the Avanza unto itself can provide excellent headroom and legroom, the Rush’s larger overall dimensions can gleaned to be better in those regards.

Another point which the Toyota Rush outright beats the Avanza in our opinion is with its exterior design. The Avanza is a weird-looking vehicle by modern standards especially when looking at the front where you can see the MPV’s unusual dual headlight design with one positioned on top of the other.

Also, the edges and overall shape of the Avanza features soft edges which is very reminiscent of cars from the 90’s. In comparison, the Rush is just a marvel of modern design; a tasteful combination of elegance and sporty ruggedness that makes it look like a “mini-Fortuner.”

Don’t get us wrong though as we recognize some people still prefer the look of the Avanza especially the Toyota Avanza Veloz variant. As such, the looks of a vehicle really comes down to personal preference. Also you get what you pay for, but we’ll have to talk about that a little bit later.

2019 Toyota Avanza Veloz review -Is it better than the Toyota Rush? Philippines

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3. Toyota Rush vs Avanza Interior: Which is better equipped?

As we’ve said earlier, there’s not much difference in the size of the space inside these two vehicles. The vast difference though lies with the stuff that can be found inside.

First off, the entertainment system. On the Toyota Avanza 2019, the Veloz has a 6.2-inch LCD touchscreen which supports MP3, AM/FM, CD and is all tied up with a 4-speaker sound system.

While the one on the Rush can do all of that, its touchscreen unit however is a larger 7 inch, navigation ready display and moreover, it has 8-eight speakers overall. Also the Rush has Weblink connectivity for Android and iOS plus the usual Bluetooth, USB and AUX ports whereas the Avanza only has Bluetooth Connectivity an AUX port and a USB port.

So in terms of entertaining its occupants, the Toyota Rush obviously beats the Avanza.

The 2019 Avanza's front cabin

Here's the front cabin of the Toyota Avanza.

The Rush's front cabin

The front cabin of the Rush looks fancier. There are a lot of similarities though.

Other interior amenities that are better inside the Toyota Rush 2019 is a push to start button. The seats for both the Avanza and the Rush are clad in fabric and are not that much different. Even the driver position, the location of the rear aircon vents down to the shifter and the parking brake are the same.

Toyota Rush vs Toyota Avanza: Interior
Toyota Avanza 1.5 Veloz
Toyota Rush 1.5 G AT
Cruise Control
Front Parking Sensors
Rear Parking Sensors
Leather Upholstery
Push Start Button
Air Conditioning System
Dual Climate Control
Dual Climate Control
Entertainment System
- 6.2 inch LCD Touchscreen
- CD player
- MP3
- Radio
- 4 Speakers
- 27 inch Touchscreen
- CD Player
- Mp3
- Radio
- 8 Speakers
Aux, Bluetooth, USB, and Weblink for iOS and Android
Navigation Ready
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Outlet
Steering Wheel Audio Control
Keyless Entry

The TOyota Rush's interior viewed from the trunk

The Toyota Rush's interior viewed from the back

A picture of the 2019 Avanza's interior viewed from the trunk

Here's from a similar viewpoint but on the Avanza

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4. Toyota Rush vs Avanza Engine: Which has better performance?

Toyota Avanza vs Rush: Engine & Performance
Toyota Avanza
Toyota Rush
Engine size
1.3 L
1.5 L
1,497 cc
1,329 cc
1,499 cc
Number of Cylinders
Number of Valves
Transmission Type
5-Speed Manual
4-speed Automatic
5-speed Manual
Power Train
Max Output (HP)
Max Torque (Nm)
Fuel Type
Fuel Capacity
45 L
45 L

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As you can see from the table above, the Avanza comes with the same engine options as the Toyota Vios sedan which due to the rear-wheel-drive layout has been detuned a little bit. It’s easier to push rather than pull after all. Likewise, the Toyota Rush also makes use of a detuned 2NR-VE 1.5 liter which can produce 1 horsepower less than the Avanza’s 1.5 liter mill.

toyota rush 2019 philippines engine bay

Under the hood of the Toyota Rush 2019

So all in all, the 1.5 liters engines on both the Avanza and the Rush are practically the same engine. This, along with having the same platform, makes the Rush drive like the Avanza. Both vehicles can take on a lot of weight, and both average around 8.5 km/L of fuel consumption.

While there’s no clear-cut winner in terms of power, both the Rush and the Avanza are pretty decent vehicles that aren’t really that fast but will reliably get 7 people from A to B.

Under the hood of the Toyota Avanza 2019

Under the hood of the Toyota Avanza 2019

Watch out though when driving these two on light loads as the rear ends of these cars will tend to bounce thanks to the 4-link rear suspension with a rigid axle which BOTH the Avanza and the Rush comes with. With seven people or some cargo though, the ride smoothens out.

5. Toyota Rush vs Toyota Avanza: Safety Features

Both the Avanza and the Rush comes standard with an anti-lock braking system with Electronic brake-force distribution, front passenger and driver’s airbag.

The Rush, however, has more as even its most affordable 1.5 E MT variant comes with a curtain airbag, side airbag, an Immobilizer with security alarm, stability control, and a hill-start assist.

6. Toyota Rush vs Avanza Philippines: Variants & Prices

Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza 1.3 J MT
Php 731,000
Toyota Avanza 1.3 E MT
Php 864,000
Toyota Avanza 1.3 E AT
Php 907,000
Toyota Avanza 1.5 G MT
Php 957,000
Toyota Avanza 1.5 G AT
Php 1,000,000
Toyota Avanza 1.5 VELOZ AT
Php 1.06 Million

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Toyota Rush Variants
Toyota Rush 1.5 E MT
Php 968,000
Toyota Rush 1.5 G AT
Php 1,100,000
Toyota Rush 1.5 E AT
Php 1,008,000

7. Toyota Rush vs Avanza Conclusion: Which is better for you?

To sum it all up, the Toyota Rush is simply a fancier looking, mini-SUV version of the Avanza that’s equipped with more safety gear and more entertainment gear. As such, the Rush as you can see above is much more expensive than the Avanza but otherwise, both vehicles feel the same in terms of handling and performance.

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A red 2019 Toyota Rush

The Toyota Rush is a fancier looking, mini-SUV version of the Avanza

A black 2019 Toyota Avanza

So which one would you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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