Rest or stress, car salesman?

Updated Sep 20, 2017 | Same topic: Hot Tips for Car Selling

Admittedly, being a salesman/saleswoman is a stressful job. However, sales should not be the burden to be reduced for a car salesperson, but the pressure of having more and more cars sold should be relieved.

The following recommendations by Philkotse might help salesmen reduce sales-related stress as selling cars.

1. Get prepared for rainy days

Car buying behavior has a natural rule: vehicles are mostly purchased during warmer months while people tend to spend less during winter time. Your sales are, correspondingly, on the same trend. Hence, instead of finding yourself in bad mood throughout those low-sales seasons, save some in advance, with the amount ideally sufficient to make your ends meet for about three months.

a stressed salesman

Don't find yourself in bad mood throughout those low-sales seasons

2. Put yourself in customer’s shoes

Think what you would like if you were your customers when entering the car lot. Only by understanding them, you could give helpful advice and offer the right car for them. Even if they have yet to make up their mind, they could totally go back to you again anytime or refer you as a trustworthy salesman to their friends and family.

Try to build a strong relationship with clients is also a way to release stress in any jobs, not car sales alone.

3. Be a good listener to client

Put aside the attractive commission earned from selling cars, instead, listen to the actual needs of your customers and lead them to their dream cars. Your whole-hearted attitutes at work will be a good way to get the trust of your customers. And once you win the buyer’s heart, you should no longer get obsessed with your monthly sales.

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A car salesman listening to his customer

Listen to the actual needs of your customers and lead them to their dream cars

4. Master your cars and competitors’ as well

Car buyers always spend hours, weeks or even months surfing online to research and make thorough comparison before reaching their final decision. Be ready to address your customer’s concern quickly without having to look up for information. In order to do so, you should always have in mind sufficient reasons to persuade your clients why they should choose your car instead of others’. Being well-acknowledged of the market that you are in charge demonstrates that you are a professional and highly-qualified salesman and customers would tend to choose such sellers to spend their hard-earned money.

5. Honestly tell your customers about your commission-based income

Normally, final decision of buying such a big and costly thing like a car is not taken right at the first visit with a salesman following but maybe second or third time, buyers might come back.

Thus, first impression is all your opportunity to catch simply by assisting your customers as much as you could. After that, give them your business card. Honestly tell them that you truly expect them to contact you if they decide to go for a car from your dealership because otherwise you will lose your commission money.

6. Get ready for any possible paperwork related in advance

Lots of procedures are required along with buying a car. It would be a good push and convenience for customers as they nearly come to a decision when their related information has been filled out. All they need is just saying ‘ok’ to you.

Stressed salesmen

Lots of procedures are required along with buying a car

It would be more than best if your company uses the Customer Relationship Management system since it will considerably save your time as well as your customers’. A feeling of professional operation at your dealer might be a pleasant shopping experience for your customers also.

7. Build business network with salespeople

Sounds weird, but helping each other will definitely relieve stress and anxiety at work and more importantly, connecting with your colleagues could even help you to win more customers.

Take turns and distribute the jobs in smaller and more effective way concerning welcoming customers, making appointments or answering their queries. This way would create an healthy working environment of unity, which helps not only reduce stress in your sales job but also leave clients a nice impression of the dealership.

8. Balance your job and family time

For salesman and particularly car salespeople, weekends or free time in the evenings mostly means working time. However, never forget your family.

Suddenly waiting to pick up your spouse after work some time, going out with your kids on certain days or just preparing a lovely self-made breakfast at bed for your family members are just some simple yet meaningful things you could definitely do for your beloved ones. Always try to spend as much time as possible with family will not only help you much in stress relief but also keep your life in balance.

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