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Used Toyota Corolla for sale

42 results found

Toyota Corolla efi GLI Automatic '94

Metro Manila, Makati ₱130,000

Automatic Verified Contact 140,000 km

Toyota Corolla XE 97 2e Engine

Rizal, Morong ₱95,000

Manual Verified Contact 100,000 km

Used car for sale Toyota corolla Model 2000

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱200,202

Manual Verified Contact 107,070 km

Toyota Corolla 1990

Bulacan, Santa Maria ₱105,000

Automanual Verified Contact 111,111 km

Toyota Corolla 1990

Metro Manila, Las Piñas ₱68,000

Manual Verified Contact 8 km

Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi 2001

Batangas, Padre Garcia ₱175,000

Automatic Verified Contact 145,000 km

Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi 2001

Batangas, Padre Garcia ₱165,000

Automatic Verified Contact 145,000 km

Toyota Corolla 1990

Rizal, Cainta Negotiable price

Manual Verified Contact 100,000 km

Pearl White Toyota Corolla for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila ₱90,000

Manual 200,000 Km

Brown Toyota Corolla for sale in Burgos

Ilocos Norte, Burgos ₱599,000

Automatic 60,000 Km

Sell Black 2014 Toyota Corolla in Bauan

Batangas, Bauan ₱510,000

Manual 43,000 Km

Sell Blue Toyota Corolla in Las Piñas

Metro Manila, Las Piñas ₱260,000

Automatic 140,000 Km

Pearl White Toyota Corolla for sale in Cabanatuan

Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan ₱90,000

Manual 200,000 Km

Sell White Toyota Corolla in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila ₱135,000

Automatic 160,000 Km

Red Toyota Corolla 1994 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Makati ₱60,000

Manual 200,000 Km

Sell Red 1997 Toyota Corolla in Bulacan

Bulacan, Meycauayan ₱85,000

Manual 50,000 Km

Sell Grey 1994 Toyota Corolla Wagon in Manila

Metro Manila, Makati ₱130,000

Automatic 140,000 Km

White Toyota Corolla for sale in Morong

Bataan, Morong ₱100,000

Manual 120,000 Km

What should you not say to a used car salesman?

With a comprehensive list of second-hand vehicles for sale you are looking at right now, we are sure you will find the right car for you or your loved one. is one of the most dedicated websites in the Philippines that let private car owners and certified car dealers list their available items, whether they are from Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao.

The options you have are endless, which make sure you find not just the brand and model that you want, but also the type of car you need. The problem is that you have to deal with multiple salespeople and commit your time to check every unit you intend to buy.

In relation to this, you must know how to talk to the car seller professionally and wisely, as well as avoiding some phrases and sentences. Thus, here are some of the things you should “NEVER” say to a car salesperson:

1. Words Showing Too Much Liking of the Car

Surely, the used Toyota you have chosen to check out personally caught your interest for some reason. It might have features that you want, or it has been your dream car for so long. Stop for a minute and think. You may want this vehicle, but the used unit might not be in good shape and/or overpriced.

That being said, upon meeting the salesperson, even if the car is in good shape, never say anything that indicates you are so interested in the car. This may include “I really love this car!”, “This is my dream car.”, “I need a car now.”, and “Been wanting to own this car.

Those sentences and the like will be a bell ringing in the seller’s ears. This means they no longer have to meet you halfway with the price since, well, you won’t go home without the car.

2. Budget

When you look at different pre-owned Toyota Corolla currently for sale, you already have a budget in mind or the maximum amount you are willing to spare. If going for car financing, you also have a certain amount of monthly payment in mind.

These are the things you shouldn’t share with the car seller because they might not let you haggle with the price. Remember, most sellers will jack up the price because they expect that buyers will negotiate.

3. Words Indicative of Lack of or Little Knowledge About Cars

Once you give the seller an idea that you have minimal or no knowledge about cars, they can easily sell the unit to you. If you are planning to buy a brand-new or second-hand car from Toyota Philippines, it is always best to research information about the specific model. It is also recommended that you look for the critical features of a car, in general.

Similarly, ask the salesperson a lot of questions. This way, it will give them an idea that you know what you are looking for. Nonetheless, it is wise not to look for the smallest and not-so-essential features such as cup holders initially; do this in the latter part.

4. Disrespectful Words

Whether you are buying a Toyota Corolla from a car dealer or a private owner, you should always choose your words wisely. Never be too friendly, but never be arrogant as well.

Being too friendly might work against you since the seller can use that to entice you to buy the car at an unreasonable price. Similarly, being disrespectful is simply very unprofessional and uncivilized. Yes, there are sellers who play tricks on buyers, but that is not a reason for you to treat them badly.

Your Words Can Close a Good Deal

Closing a good car deal is not just about negotiation skills; it also depends on what you say and not say to the seller. To sum it up, it’s all about giving the seller the idea that you’re not so interested and you know what you are looking for while staying professional and respectful.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you find all the information you need through our updated articles, as well as your next car from our listing!