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Used Nissan NV350 Urvan for sale

18 results found

2018 Nissan NV350 Premium

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,498,000

Automatic Certified Seller 27,000 km

Lockdown Sale! 2018 Nissan Urvan NV350 2.5 Manual 18-Seater White 57T Kms NDA4674

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±855,000

Manual Certified Seller 57,000 km


Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±810,000

Manual Certified Seller 48,000 km

2018 Nissan NV350 Urvan Manual

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,150,000

Manual Verified Contact 10,000 km

CUSTOMIZED 2018 Nissan Urvan NV350 Premium A/T

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,780,000

Automatic Verified Contact 17,900 km

CUSTOMIZED Nissan NV350 Premium A/T

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,780,000

Automatic Verified Contact 17,900 km

2016 Nissan NV350

Bulacan, Malolos β‚±1,000,000

Manual Verified Contact 35,000 km

Pearl White Nissan Nv350 urvan 2019 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila β‚±400,000


Sell Black 2017 Nissan NV350 Urvan in Muntinlupa

Metro Manila, Muntinlupa β‚±1,350,000

Manual 20,000 Km

Selling White Nissan Nv350 urvan in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila β‚±900,000

Manual 100,000 Km

White Nissan Nv350 urvan for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila β‚±760,000

Manual 70,000 Km

2017 Nissan NV350 Escapade Manual Diesel The listing has expired

2017 Nissan NV350 Escapade Manual Diesel

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±858,000

Manual Certified Seller 11,000 km

2018 Nissan Urvan Premium 2.5L A/T Diesel The listing has expired

2018 Nissan Urvan Premium 2.5L A/T Diesel

Metro Manila, Marikina β‚±1,378,000

Automatic Certified Seller 21,000 km

2019 Nissan NV350 Urvan VX (18 seater) M/T Euro 4 The listing has expired

2019 Nissan NV350 Urvan VX (18 seater) M/T Euro 4

Metro Manila, Marikina β‚±1,048,000

Manual Certified Seller 15,000 km

2018 Nissan Urvan NV350 MT (Customized) The listing has expired

2018 Nissan Urvan NV350 MT (Customized)

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±2,150,000

Manual Certified Seller 14,000 km

Nissan Urvan NV350 2018 The listing has expired

Nissan Urvan NV350 2018

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±500,000

Automatic Verified Contact 28,000 km

Nissan nv350 2015 The listing has expired

Nissan nv350 2015

Metro Manila, Taguig β‚±750,000

Manual Verified Contact 57,800 km

2016 Nissan Nv350 The listing has expired

2016 Nissan Nv350

Nueva Ecija, Cuyapo β‚±700,000

Manual Verified Contact 64,000 km

    How long should a car last?

    Welcome to! You are browsing our daily-updated list of second hand Nissan NV350 Urvan for sale at cheap prices by verified sellers nationwide.

    Much like any other products you buy, your reliable car has a lifespan; it will not last forever even if you maintain it or care for it that much. Such is a reality we all have to face.

    That is one of the reasons why many individuals upgrade into a new car after a few years. In fact, when you check out’s list of second-hand cars for sale in the Philippines market today, you would find various models from different brands, private sellers, and certified dealers. This does not mean though you would end up with an “almost dead or dying” vehicle.

    Checking or inspecting in detail the pre-owned car you are about to buy is a great way to make sure you end up with a unit that will still last for an extended time. But how long is that extension? This is where the average lifespan of a car comes into play.

    Read on to equip yourself with helpful tips for your used Nissan car hunt.

    A Car's Lifespan

    As we have previously advised, it is always better to go for pre-owned vehicles that are four years or less older for some reasons such as warranty and longevity of use. So, how long will these cars really last based on their standard lifespan?

    In the past, cars have been designed to last 8.5 to 9 years, according to some manufacturers such as Nissan Philippines, so this is the average lifespan if proper care, maintenance, and use are applied. These vehicles are usually those that have been manufactured in the 90s and the early 2000s. Definitely, you won't be buying those, unless you are a collector.

    With that in mind, newer models have an average lifespan of about 12 years, with the same considerations as the above. This is all thanks to technological advancements. This 12-year lifespan will also depend on the model of the car. The more advanced features it has, the longer its lifespan.

    That being said, some experts and car enthusiasts debate such a lifespan. That is because of the fact that how long a vehicle will last will also rely on its mileage. The higher the mileage, the shorter the life of the unit. They do have a point here since mileage indicates how long or how often the car has been used on the road.

    Nonetheless, you would also notice that most manufacturers claim that the car will last as long as 200,000 miles. Meaning, if it reaches that point, the unit is also considered as dead.

    The question is: should you use your car up to 200,000 miles?

    A number of experienced auto mechanics and appraisers claim that you can save a huge amount of money if you opt to use your car until the 200,000 mileage. Again, considering that the used car has been maintained well and has not been in any form of serious accidents.

    The Lifespan as a Buying Guide

    Since you now have an idea as to how long a car would last, use this as one of the factors to consider when checking and inspecting the Nissan NV350 Urvan you are considering to buy. Aside from that, check out the car’s maintenance records, as well as evaluate the car for some signs of dents, misalignments, and anything that can indicate it has been involved in a road mishap.

    Thank you for visiting, and if you need more information about car buying or anything related to cars, feel free to keep on browsing our site.