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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale



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Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale in the Philippines

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  • 2006

View all pre-owned Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale with prices starting at ₱4,000,000 in the Philippines with offers to buy used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution from all dealers only at We have complete and detailed information on used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution prices, pictures, and specifications.

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HOT!!! 2006 Lancer Evolution 8 for sale at affordable price

  • Used car
  • 2006
  • Manual
  • 60,000 km
Metro Manila, Manila
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I. Overview Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale

The Lancer Evolution is a compact sedan manufactured by Mitsubishi to target customers who prioritize speed and precision. Although the 2020 version is the last year this model is produced, the Evo remains one of the remarkable sedans on the market.

Lancer Evolution's exterior

  • The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has not changed much since the current generation was first introduced in 2008. Therefore, in terms of overall exterior design, the car retains the same strong appearance as the previous generation. First day introduced to the public.
  • At the rear, the Lancer Evolution is equipped with a diffuser to improve aerodynamics and a dual exhaust system. In addition, the GSR model has a large rear spoiler, while the MR has a small spoiler.

Interior of Lancer Evolution

  • The interior of the Lancer Evolution looks light and elegant in contrast to the aggressive styling of the car's exterior. With the 2020 model year, aluminum pedals, a more fancy instrument cluster and a different steering wheel are notable differences between the new model and the previous version.
  • The MR model has leather seats as standard equipment. Passengers in the front are also equipped with reclining seats. Heated seats are also standard and Lancer Evolution features. It is a pity that Recaro sports seats on previous Evolution models will not be available for the final year version. Besides, legroom and space above the head are also quite limited.

Amenities of Lancer Evolution

All Lancer Evolution models feature a 6.1-inch touch screen and Mitsubishi's FUSE hands-free connectivity system. 
This system allows owners to connect their Bluetooth phones and iPods or USB drives and control these devices via voice.

II. Pros and cons of Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale


  • Excellent steering and handling
  • Powerful turbocharged engine
  • Responsive automatic transmission


  • The steering wheel is not height-adjustable
  • Interior materials are too ordinary for the high price
  • Small luggage compartment

III. Buying A Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Guide

Should you buy a used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution?

Whether you are searching for used cars for sale or looking for information on how to become a more intelligent buyer of new and used vehicles, is the place to be. We are a website dedicated to helping buyers find their car or their loved one's car that match their needs and wants.

Buying a car is not just about knowing the features that you need to look for, from the number of individuals it can accommodate to the safety systems and advanced technology incorporated into the vehicle. You must also become wise enough to determine the right time of the year that is best to purchase a brand-new or pre-owned unit. So, just apply this advice to buying a used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale and get yourself a good car.

Why is that so?

Much like any merchandise you buy, there is a season when the price of a car is high and a point when the price is a little lower than usual. It is a common market trend, and if you are really into smart buying and saving money, then this is something that you need to keep in mind.

So, what is the prevailing market trend for cars?

For years, the Brand has been selling their Mitsubishi Cars Philippines at a much lower price at the end of the year or in December. That is because, most of the time, a new model or series of a certain model will be released in the first quarter of the following year, if not January. The dealers will make sure they sell most, if not all, of their remaining inventory before the launch of the upgraded model.

Similarly, it's the Christmas Season! Hence, most people will be shopping for cars if not for themselves, for their children, parents, or partner. This is also the time when people have a few pesos to spend due to bonuses and 13th month pays. That being said, most dealers will offer discounts and special promos in order to entice more customers, all the while the competition is too stiff.

What if you are opting for a Pre-owned Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution? Well, December is also a great time of the year to consider purchasing one. Most people, especially those who can afford, will usually change their vehicles at the end of the year for some reasons.

Thus, you would find a lot of available units, and most of the time, they are affordable because of, again, tight competition in the market. Additionally, some sellers would want to sell their units fast since they need the money ASAP.

But what if you already need a car and December isn't near enough?

Prior to or during the rainy season is also one of the best times of the year to purchase one. However, this might only apply for brand-new cars, so if you plan to buy a Second-hand Mitsubishi car, there is no assurance that you'll find one at a bargain price.

The reason dealers have rainy day promos and discounts is the opposite of the reason for December. The rainy season is the time when most Filipinos are in a tight budget to make sure they have some cash for emergencies. Meaning, there is a low demand for cars, and unlike other products, jacking up the price of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will further cripple down their sales.

Here's our final say…

Definitely, when you plan on buying brand-new units, you need to wait for the usual promos and sales of the dealers around your town, city, or province in order for you to save money. When it comes to second-hand units though, we here at have a listing of available units all-year round at different price ranges that you can check out and consider.

With all that said, we hope you get a great car deal the soonest!

IV. What to pay attention to when buying used Lancer Evolution for sale?

Not only for used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale, any car model that is not used for a long time or a car that has been covered for a long time is not necessarily good. Vehicles left inactive for a long time will easily generate mold, causing the details in the machine and the copper rig to rust. When buying a car with a blanket, you also need to carefully check the condition of the car.

You also need to avoid the car showing signs of excessive rust. Once a car shows signs of rust, new paint is still likely to continue to damage if not handled well. When buying a used car, it is necessary to check carefully, not only in the body but also in the chassis. Because the new chassis is the most susceptible to rust.

V. Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale on Philkotse

To buy a used Lancer Evolution for sale model in the Philippines is not too difficult. However, not every address is worth your trust. To buy a good quality used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale, you can find it at Philkotse - where you can find the desired model easily.

Philkotse's passionate staff is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. If you have any questions in the process of choosing to buy a suitable car model, do not hesitate to let Philkotse know. Philkotse is always happy to assist you.

At Philkotse, the used Lancer Evolution for sale is for sale with a starting price of ₱1,480,000 with full information and detailed prices, pictures and specifications.

Lancer Evolution can be considered a "legendary" model of Mitsubishi. Therefore, do not hesitate when you have a desire to own this model by buying a car on Philkotse.

How many second hand Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale are available on Philkotse?

1 used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution listed by owners are available for sale today.

How much does the used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale cost?

The second hand Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution price varies from ₱4,000,000.

What are the cheapest year model of used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale?

2nd-hand Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution year 2006 is the cheapest car for sale with prices starting at ₱4,000,000.

Why you should buy a second hand Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale on Philkotse?

Convenience - Time-saving - Cheap prices - Good condition - Verified sellers

How much can you save when buying a pre-owned Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale?

Buying a second-hand Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution typically saves you around 10% to 70% of a vehicle's original price, depending on factors such as age, mileage, and condition.