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S320 Mercedes Benz bmw audi jaguar accord e90 lexus c200 e 230 e 240

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    Tips to spot accident damage signs when buying second-hand cars

    It is not surprising that second-hand vehicles are selling like a hot potato! This is owed to the fact that most Filipinos are tired of the hassles of commuting—long lines, smelly passenger, heat, and sweat.

    As much as possible, each one of us would want to find a well-maintained car for sale that we can afford and use daily for us to reach our destination safely and comfortably.

    Second-hand vehicles are much more budget-friendly not just because they've been used for years, but also since carmakers in general, or Jaguar Philippines in particular, launch new units every year or upgrades their models regularly. This means that sellers would either change into a newer model or there is a problem with their current vehicle.

    With that being said, when you plan on buying a used vehicle, you should make sure that you check the unit as thoroughly as possible. One of the critical things to look for are signs that might indicate the car has been in an accident. Surely, most sellers would not tell you if the car has been involved in an accident.

    Thus, to help out, here are some indicators you should look for when inspecting the 2nd hand Jaguar 240 that you plan to purchase.

    1. Uneven Car Color

    A pre-owned car for sale that has been involved in an accident will most likely be repainted. That is because some parts of the car's exterior have dents, scratches, and the likes, and once they are repaired, they need to be covered with the same color as the rest of the car's body.

    A keen eye would most likely notice the difference in the shade of the color where the damage was once located from the parts that have not been repainted. Therefore, if that Jaguar 240 you are checking looks as it has has been repainted on its whole body, this might not be a good indicator.

    2. Misalignments and Inconsistencies

    Apart from painting, a used vehicle will have parts that have been repaired or replaced due to the damages incurred during an accident. Those are usually the ones that easily get damaged during a crash. These may include the door, bumper, hood, and/or fender. Either the part has been repaired or replaced, it will not be perfectly aligned with the rest of the unit or with the part near it.

    Similarly, a previously damaged car will have uneven gaps or panels. Remember that cars have been designed and constructed meticulously that even the distance of one part from another has been standardized.

    Coming towards the car interior, pay particular attention to the airbag panel of that second-hand Jaguar car because a unit with an accident history will have a somewhat newer airbag panel. Apparently, the airbag will inflate once there is a car crash, so when the car is fixed, the panel would be replaced for the airbag to work again. As such, it will look newer than the rest of the parts near it.

    So, what are we trying to say?

    Definitely, it will not be that easy to determine whether a used car has been involved in an accident or not unless you have great attention to detail. That is because you need to look at the smallest of the details hidden by experts who worked on the car. Seeking the assistance of a professional and experienced auto mechanic will be a great idea and we here at highly recommend such.

    We hope you find a second-hand car that will meet your needs and wants which has not been in any way involved in an accident.