Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Which to buy?

Jan 02, 2018
Find your answer in our Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage comparison review covering price in the Philippines, specs, exterior & interior design, and performance.

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Battle of the mini hatchbacks

As a rule, the buying decision becomes painful when the two vehicles you’re wondering have the same price bracket. For those who are into hatchbacks, without doubt, the Toyota Wigo and Mitsubishi Mirage are two options that come up in your mind before all else.

To help your job less challenging, today wants to give you a fair comparison of Wigo vs Mirage based on the detailed specs sheet. So, which should you buy? Here you will find the answer. As far as build quality and durability are concerned, the two representatives from two well-known Japanese carmakers will never let you down no matter what you opt for.

Toyota Wigo angular frontMitsubishi Mirage angular front

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage

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The new Toyota Wigo is a macho mini hatchback

1. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Overview

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Overview

2. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Exterior

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Exterior

For starters, the Mitsubishi Mirage is marginally bigger than the Wigo in the aspect of length and width. However, the hatchback from Toyota has a taller ground clearance when compared to that of the representative from Mitsubishi by 20 cm, which properly leads to the superiority in height. With the same wheelbase of 2,450 mm, both of the two hatchbacks can seat 5 passengers. But in reality, the Mirage’s cabin is more appreciated than the Wigo’s thanks to extra wiggle room. Perhaps the Toyota Wigo is an ideal option for tight garage or parking areas, this is not enough for it to get a plus selling point in this battle.

Concerning exterior features, two hatchbacks are on equal terms with each other.

Mitsubishi Mirage Review

3. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Interior & Convenience

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Interior

When it comes to interior, now we see the divergence of Wigo vs Mirage. Both come fitted with fabric seats, power steering, electronic door locks, steering wheel audio control, power windows and satellite navigation system. Nevertheless, in this round, the Mitsubishi Mirage is predominant with automatic air conditioning system, a 6.5-inch touchscreen, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, push start button, keyless entry and Bluetooth connectivity to boot.

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4. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Safety & Security

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Safety & Security

In hatchback segment, it can be said with certainty that the Wigo and Mirage are top players. Being replete with airbags system, ABS and Immobilizer as standard, they will make you all safe and snug during every ride.

In this aspect, ABS featuring EBD is an added bonus of the Mirage again.

5. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Performance

Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Performance

With regards to the hardware, the Mitsubishi Mirage has its 78-hp 1.2-liter engine versus the Wigo’s 66-hp 1.0-liter. Not only that, the Mirage is also blessed with a CVT which is known to give decent gas mileage, whereas its rival just runs a 4-speed automatic unit.

For this half, the Mitsubishi Mirage ties it up with 1 point each.

6. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Price in the Philippines

The top-of-the-line Mirage GLS CVT is pegged at ₱730,000. On the other hand, the top-spec Wigo 1.0G AT has a cheaper price tag of ₱599,000. Obviously, the final round goes to the Wigo as a consolation goal.

Now, have a peek at the tables below for up-to-date price list of the Toyota Wigo and Mitsubishi Mirage in the Philippines:

Toyota Wigo price in the Philippines
Model Price
Toyota Wigo 1.0 E MT P526,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 G MT P564,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT P599,000

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Mitsubishi Mirage Price in the Philippines
 Model Price
Mitsubishi Mirage GLX MT  ₱560,000
Mitsubishi Mirage GLX CVT ₱610,000
Mitsubishi Mirage GLS MT ₱680,000
Mitsubishi Mirage GLS CVT ₱730,000

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7. Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Verdict

All things considered, in the battle between Wigo vs Mirage, it’s apparently that the Mirage wins over the delegate from Toyota. The ₱131,000 price advantage the Wigo has, regretfully, is not enough to compete against the Mirage. believes that you’re willing to spend a little extra for additional techs, power and safety.

In the end, please keep in mind that our comparison review is no more than a reference. So, if you are really fond of these two hot hatches, it’s highly recommended to take them out on a test drive to have a more critical look. Hope that you will find our beloved car soon!

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