This is what happens when you put absolute belief in GPS directions

Updated Apr 15, 2021

A man drove into a pond while following GPS directions.
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a useful navigation tool for many drivers. However, having very firm beliefs about GPS directions can lead to unpredictable consequences, especially in unfamiliar locations.

Last Friday, a Massachusetts man destroyed his own vehicle and put his life as well as the life of his passengers in danger by driving into the Swan Pond in West Yarmouth.

According to Massachusetts police, they were called to the scene of a single vehicle accident and found a Jeep almost completely submerged in the Swan Pond.
Two men are arguing in a car

Having very firm beliefs about GPS directions can lead to unpredictable consequences

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The driver, Daniel Alley, 27, was driving a Jeep Patriot from Hyannis to a summer home in West Dennis at around 1:30 a.m. Because Alley was not familiar with this area, he turned on the Garmin GPS in his Jeep. Alley claimed that the GPS told him to keep moving forward. However, this direction, unexpectedly, took his car right into the Swan Pond.

Fortunately, Alley and the passengers escaped from the car without suffering any injuries. Though the Jeep was removed from the water, it was a total loss by being completely submerged in water.
After the accident, the officers discovered that Alley’s license had been revoke and he got a summons for operating a car with a revoked license.

There’s no denying (the fact) that GPS is essential to life, but it’s not always reliable. So, try to stay alert while driving to avoid incidents like Alley’s case.

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