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Every driver should benefit from these racing techniques that are easy to understand. Applying them in everyday driving will make anybody a better driver. Keep reading for more!

Every driver will benefit from these driving techniques that are easy to understand. Applying these track techniques to everyday roads should make anybody a better driver, too.

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Racing techniques will help anyone improve how they drive

Before anything else, keep in mind that you should never race on everyday streets. The only race on the track. With that, most of the tips below come from pro-drivers who are in general agreement that these work for the rest of us as well. Let's find out with Philkotse.com right here!

1. Scan the road, then commit

Scanning is a technique that is used by race drivers to see the way ahead of them. Novice (or careless) drivers make the mistake of not looking at all mirrors when driving. The value of scanning is that everything in front is taken into account before committing. It’s more like pre-planning and predicting what to do before getting to where you want to be.


Scanning is a technique that is used by race drivers to see the way ahead of them

2. Avoid multitasking

Race drivers know how to pace and control their cars. All drivers must realize that everything is about timing. There’s a risk of confusion when you multitask.

multitasking on cars


Pay attention to only one thing at a time — and that’s driving

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3. Pull, not push, the steering wheel

Race drivers have mastered this hack because it is more efficient when steering. If you push going to the right or left, then there’s muscle resistance when using the wheel. Just pull down on the right and pull on the left. It’s much easier, and there’s more control to be had too. When turning this is a stable hold on the wheel for precise steering, too.

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Go easy on the brakes and use forward momentum

4. Ease off the brakes and use forward momentum

Another word for it is coasting — using the car’s forward momentum to drive it without using more gas. Some would dissuade against it, but keep the gears engaged to have braking power when needed. 

5. Look out for road conditions

Not all roads are uniform. Avoid dirt, rubble, and wet parts which might cause the tires to slip. Keeping full contact on the road and keeping friction at maximum is important.

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Not all roads are the same; be aware and beware!

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6. Enter turns and curves slowly, then exit a bit faster

Racers enter corners at a slower speed for a good reason, and it’s all about control. This applies to everyday driving on chicken-gut roads, and other curvy roads. To be practical about it, enter slow and then go a bit faster along the curve, which gives more balance to the suspension. Doing the opposite can result in problems like oversteering or understeering.

driving through curves


Racers enter corners at a slow speed for a good reason, and it’s all about control

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7. Keep the car moving straight when a blowout happens

Racecar drivers are cool under pressure — even when tire blowouts happen. When this happens to you, keep moving straight. Don’t jerk the steering wheel in either direction.

8. Keep both hands positioned at 9 and 3 o’clock

This maintains easy to control for the driver. Do not grip the wheel too tight, though.

9. Get situational awareness

Drivers in a race cannot afford to focus on just the car ahead, because it will lead to a loss of situational awareness. Drivers in everyday traffic should take in as many vehicles as they can at once for a complete picture.

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Drivers in everyday traffic should focus on more vehicles to get a complete, bigger picture of the road

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It’s wrong to think that racecar drivers cannot apply all their techniques for everyday driving. But remember that what’s important is getting from one point and to the other safely.

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