5 tips for all Filipino drivers on staying calm in heavy traffic

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Drive stress-free in the traffic-laden Philippines road with the help of our how to stay calm in heavy traffic tips.

Heavy traffic is one of the greatest battles not just of public and private vehicle drivers but also of commuters. The long hours on the road plus the exhausted body and/or hunger, especially after a long day at work or school, takes a toll on one’s mood.

Heavy traffic

Heavy traffic situations in the Philippines

Drivers, though, should be the calmest in this situation to avoid accidents and road rage. With that said, Philkotse.com will focus on tips on how to stay calm in heavy traffic while driving. This can apply to both private and public vehicle drivers.

Traffic is one thing we can never do away with since the road is unpredictable. In the Philippines, it has been part of our lives due to overpopulation and crowded roads. What is unfortunate is that the heavy traffic problem in the Philippines is getting worst daily.

Nonetheless, we can never get used to it, and there will always be times when we will feel stressed, anxious, impatient, and mad. That is normal but if you are driving, it might be dangerous because it can affect your alertness and rationality.

Here are some of the things you can do to stay calm while you are stuck in traffic:

1. Breathe and count

One of the best ways to stay calm is to breathe when you start to feel impatient and irritated. Just inhale through your nose slowly and exhale through your mouth rapidly. By doing so, you introduce more oxygen to your body, helping improve blood circulation.

Similarly, you should start counting to somewhat distract your brain from the situation or the negative feelings starting to develop.

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traffic in the Philippines

Heavy traffic is one of the greatest battles not just of public and private vehicle drivers but also of commuters

2. Have a distraction

We don’t mean to say that you bring a distraction which can have a negative impact on your driving. What we mean is a distraction from the traffic. That may include a stress ball you can squeeze while staying immobile on the road.

You can also play some of your favorite songs. This will not just entertain you but also your passengers or companion. With that in mind, it would be best for you to create your music playlist, ready to be played anytime.

Music Player

Remember to have your favorite playlists ready

Additionally, some experts recommend placing a picture of your child, loved one, pet, or anyone important in your life near you. When you’re starting to feel like the traffic is affecting your emotional and mental state, just look at those pictures to make you feel happy and loved. This will also help you improve your view.

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3. Drink water and snack out

As silly as it may sound, when you are stuck in traffic jams, take this opportunity to drink water. Not only will it be good for your overall health and keep you hydrated, but this will also help your brain function well.

That way, you can think well and control your emotions. Snacking is also a good way to distract you from the traffic jam and from the consequences being stuck in traffic for hours.

Water Bottle

Water is the brain's food

4. Keep a positive perspective

We know it is difficult to stay positive when you have been on the road for hours and traffic is moving slowly or not at all. However, getting mad and being anxious will not do you any good. Just keep in mind that you will reach your destination and being so impatient might lead to accident and road rage. Just focus on arriving at your destination safely.

5. Try to let go

The road is filled with a lot of drivers with different attitudes and driving skills and techniques. You will always encounter drivers who are inconsiderate and the so-called “kings of the roads”.

Surely, they will piss you off, but try not to react violently and too much. You can say expletives inside your car, and then move on. Just let it go and go back to tip number four.

Humans are meant to have negative and positive feelings depending on the situation they face at the moment. The good thing is that we can actually control these feelings if we want to. Our brain is designed to process every stimulus it receives, so when you give it something positive, you will have a positive feeling as well.

traffic jams in the Philippines

To sum up the tips on how to stay calm in heavy traffic, just make sure you provide your body enough oxygen and food

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To sum up the tips on how to stay calm in heavy traffic, just make sure you provide your body enough oxygen and food, as this can help you an alert mind and calm feeling. Additionally, make sure you have things which will help you not focus on the traffic itself.

Good luck and safe driving!

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