Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: The Most Affordable VW Car You Wouldn’t Like To Miss

Updated Mar 10, 2022

Everything we know at the moment about the most-affordable vehicle in VW lineup - the Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines, covering its starting price and other goodies.

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  1. 1. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Now within your reach
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  3. 3. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Exterior Review
  4. 4. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Interior Review
  5. 5. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Safety features & Entertainment
  6. 6. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Other goodies

1. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Now within your reach

Who doesn’t dream to have a car and travel with ease and comfort? Everyone does. In the past, this is pretty difficult to achieve, given the price of a car versus a typical individual’s income per month.

But, as Bob Dylan says, ‘the times they are a changin’.

Nowadays, car manufacturers have found their ways of meeting people’s demands by offering low down payment and flexible payment terms. This created the ongoing trend in the Philippines of Filipinos owning cars easily. But in a pool of affordable cars, the questions is, how can you stand out?

a car parking lot filled with ordinary cars

Standing Out Among the Ordinary

It’s the brand. You own a brand that stands out. You own a brand that most people won’t even bother owning because they are hesitant of the price. Little do they know, if you’ve done your homework of thorough car research, this is totally possible.

One of the most prestigious, trusted and high end brands in the car market is Volkswagen. They have established that since they were founded in 1937 in Berlin, Germany. If we talk about Volkswagen, almost always, the first car that comes up in our minds is what the Filipinos call ‘kotseng kuba’, ‘beetle’, ‘bug’ or ‘The Love Bug.’ They are so well-known for this type of vehicle that a TV Series called ‘Herbie: The Love Bug’ was released in 1960s followed by several sequels. The VW bug was also used in different popular movies such as: Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore and Lindsay Lohan’s Herbie: Fully Loaded.

a Volkswagen Bug on the road

The Well-Known Volkswagen Bug

So much for the Volkswagen trip down memory lane.

Today, we’re not going to talk about the classic VW Bug. Since we’re here to standout amidst the overflow of affordable cars, we are now going to look at the newest, most affordable Volkswagen offering to date – the Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines.

We will go through this by the important things we consider in buying a car.

2. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines Price

Whenever we buy something, the first thing that we always ask is, “How much is this?” Especially Filipinos, who are very price-concerned, practical people. In terms of price, Volkswagen Santana price is fairly low compared to other car brands of the same type, which is a 4-door sedan. You can now own a Volkswagen starting at P686,000.

buying car

In terms of price, Volkswagen Santana cost is fairly low

3. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Exterior Review

Another important thing is the Volkswagen Santana exterior. VW Santana was released in four different colors that include Polar White, Reflex Silver, Pepper Gray and Deep Black. It also includes 14” steel wheels, using 175/70 R14 tires, chrome radiator grille, halogen headlights with turn signal lights, same car color exterior mirrors with side turn lamp and color keyed door handles, rear fog lamps, front wipers with intermittent control and heated rear window. Simple and sleek.

Volkswagen Santana 2018 exterior

The 2018 Volkswagen Santana exterior is simple and sleek

​Volkswagen Santana 2018 launch in the Philippines

The VW Santana is now the most affordable VW vehicle in the carmaker's local lineup

4. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Interior Review

Speaking of the 2018 Volkswagen Santana interior, the seats are fabric, meaning cooler and comfortable to sit on. The height adjustable driver’s seat and driver’s side storage box, two height adjustable head restraints in front and three at the back. It also includes 3-spoke steering wheel with height adjustable steering column.

It also features a central locking system with radio remote, all power windows, front reading lights, sun visor for both driver and the passenger and most importantly an airconditioning system that has pollen filter.

Volkswagen Santana 2018 interior

The Volkswagen Santana interior offers a sense of comfort

5. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Safety features & Entertainment

We also want to make sure that people who buy this car is safe in possible cases of impact. VW Santana has driver and passenger airbags, front 3-point seatbelt with pretensioner - a feature that enables you to be held tight to your seat as the car experiences a head-on collision or impact. Pretensioner is one of the best features that recent cars have, which fastens the driver and passenger into a safer position in times of collision. Besides the front seatbelts, it also has three 3-point seatbelts at the back.

Volkswagen Santana 2018 safety cage

VW Santana has a safety cage that helps in absorbing crash or energy coming from an impact

It also includes an ISOFIX anchorage points that enables kids’ car seats to be fastened safely and securely in the car.

It also features ABS or Anti-Lock Brake system which ensures that the car driver can still control the car’s movements in cases of slippery roads. Another important thing to note is this car has a safety cage that helps in absorbing crash or energy coming from an impact, instead of having the driver and passengers experience the impact directly.

Of course, it is vital for travelers to have some entertainment inside the car, as no one can stand silence especially in long drives. This car has the basic entertainment system that include: AM/FM Radio, Aux in, USB and SD card for a more personalized music.

6. Volkswagen Santana 2018 Philippines: Other goodies

Other features include 5-speed manual transmission with electronic power steering, McPherson Independent Front Suspension and semi-independent rear suspension. For the brakes, it has front ventilated discs and rear drum brakes. Also has 175/70 R14 spare tire.

The Volkswagen Santana 2018 is definitely equipped with all the basic things that a potential car owner would want in a four door sedan. It has ample space for passengers, which can typically be useful during small out of towns with family and friends. It consumes gasoline in a practical and economical manner, which is something that every Filipinos would look for to save money. Another thing to note is the safety features of this car is at par with other brands that cost way higher. Most important thing is, a person can own this car with all the basic features and a prestigious brand for only P686,000. This car is definitely worth the price and even more. You can now stand out from the crowd of same brands by owning a Volkswagen Santana.

Meet the Volkswagen Santana 2018, the most affordable European car in PH

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