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Used Kia Carnival for sale

29 results found

2013 Kia Carnival EX LWB Automatic Diesel

Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 71,000 km


Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 87,000 km

Kia Carnival 2008 for sale in Angeles

Pampanga, Angeles


Automatic Verified Contact 100,000 km

Kia Carnival 2014 EX CRDi LWB

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Verified Contact 52,000 km

2007 Kia Carnival Automatic Diesel

Metro Manila, Marikina


Automatic Verified Contact 130,000 km

Black Kia Carnival 2000 for sale in Cainta

Rizal, Cainta


Manual 200,000 Km

Sell Black 2012 Kia Carnival in Marikina

Metro Manila, Marikina


Automatic 51,000 Km

Selling Beige Kia Carnival 2016 in Cebu City

Cebu, Cebu City


Automatic 20,000 Km

Sell Silver 2008 Kia Carnival in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 150,000 Km

Silver Kia Carnival 2013 for sale in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 21,000 Km

Red Kia Carnival 2012 for sale in Automatic

Metro Manila, Muntinlupa


Automatic 70,000 Km

Selling White Kia Carnival 2020 SUV / MPV in Paranaque City

Metro Manila, Parañaque



Silver Kia Carnival 2013 for sale in San Fernando

Bukidnon, San Fernando


Manual 130,000 Km

Red Kia Carnival 2012 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 70,000 Km

Red Kia Carnival 2012 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 70,000 Km

Sell Grey 2001 Kia Carnival in Rizal

Cagayan, Rizal


Automatic 120,000 Km

Sell White 2014 Kia Carnival in Pasig

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic 60,000 Km

White Kia Carnival 2014 Automatic for sale

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 52,000 Km

Take some time to write down what you want from a car: How many people does it need to sit? Would you like it to be small or large? Are there certain features that you feel you can’t live without?

How Much Does owning a car cost per month?

In the Philippines, owning a car is already somewhat a necessity because of the difficulty in commuting, which includes long lines and an insufficient number of PUVs, especially during rush hour and rainy season.

The good thing is that, nowadays, there are already a lot of second hand cars for sale at affordable prices that can be paid fully in cash or on an installment basis via a financing company or bank. As such, you can prepare a certain budget and drive home a car any time soon!

Owning a car though does not end with paying your monthly amortization or the car itself. It is just like having a child: it comes with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly expenses, as well as unexpected expenditures. So, in a month, how much does it really cost to own a car?

We will try to answer that question by providing you with a list of the things you would spend on if you decide to go for a used Kia car. Do note that we cannot give you an exact estimate since prices are changing monthly, but the list will provide you an idea.

1. Fuel

As obvious as it may sound, fuel is the number one item you would be spending on regularly. As of writing, this will range from P50 to P60 per liter, depending on the type of fuel your car requires.

This will also depend on the fuel efficiency of your car’s engine. Remember, different models have different fuel consumption average. This will also depend on how far you travel, and how many times you would use your car in a day or week.

2. Maintenance and Repair

Your vehicle, whether you bought it brand-new or used, will only be as functional and good as the care you give it. If you ignore maintenance, then even if the car is new, you wouldn’t expect it to function well in the coming years or months.

The monthly cost of maintenance will also depend on several factors. For example, Kia Philippines offers free maintenance for particular mileages for a brand-new car purchased from their authorized dealers. Thus, you won’t have to think about this for certain months, depending on your car usage.

Some of the car maintenance required are oil change, air filter replacement, brake fluid, and coolant refill, battery check, and tune-up. Additionally, your car would require repairs at some point in time, whether it’s new or used. This will also depend on how you use and maintain your car, as well as if you are involved in an accident, and if you have insurance or none.

3. Parking

Yes, parking! Definitely, you won’t always be parking for free (in your home garage and office parking lot). Most buildings or establishments nowadays have parking fees ranging from P20 to P50 for a certain period. This might be too little of an amount, but when you sum it up, it will take a toll on your monthly budget.

Monthly Costing for Car Ownership

So, all in all, for you car buyers that are looking for 2nd-hand Kia Carnival for sale, please keep in mind that you will have monthly expenditures in order to keep your car running and in good shape.

The frequency and where and when you use your vehicle are the factors that will greatly affect your monthly costs. Nonetheless, as some experts and users have said, the convenience of having your own car in the Philippines will always exceed the monthly expenses incurred.

We hope we have helped you compute the real cost of owning and using a car. If you need more assistance, has a lot of updated articles and news for you to read. Thank you for visiting our website!