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Used Cars for sale in Silang Cavite

Silang, Cavite
18 results found
Used Rush Sale! 2015 Nissan X-Trail 2.4L 4x4 CASA MAINTAINED

Rush Sale! 2015 Nissan X-Trail 2.4L 4x4 CASA MAINTAINED

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 84,000 km

Used White Toyota Fortuner 2015

White Toyota Fortuner 2015

Cavite, Silang


Manual 90,000 Km

Used Sell 2013 Honda Civic

Sell 2013 Honda Civic

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 40,000 Km

Used  Mazda 3 2008 Automatic

Mazda 3 2008 Automatic

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 82,000 Km

Used Sell pre-owned 2016 Ford Ranger  2.2 XLT 4x2 MT

Sell pre-owned 2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT 4x2 MT

Cavite, Silang

₱850,000 ₱850,000 DP

Manual 27,000 km

Used Toyota Vios j 1.3 2012 model

Toyota Vios j 1.3 2012 model

Cavite, Silang


Manual 99,000 km

Used Mitsubishi L300 Exceed 2016

Mitsubishi L300 Exceed 2016

Cavite, Silang


Manual 50,000 km

Used Toyota Avanza 2015 Automatic

Toyota Avanza 2015 Automatic

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 48,000 km



Cavite, Silang


Automatic 85,000 km

Used Hyundai EON 2016 Manual

Hyundai EON 2016 Manual

Cavite, Silang


Manual 45,240 km

Used Nissan Terra VL 2019

Nissan Terra VL 2019

Cavite, Silang


Shiftable Automatic 12,000 km



Cavite, Silang


Automatic 119,000 km

Used Economic 2007 Kia Carnival good for family car

Economic 2007 Kia Carnival good for family car

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 154,000 km

Used Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G 4x2 dsl A/T

Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G 4x2 dsl A/T

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 1 km

Used 2015 Nissan Almera MT

2015 Nissan Almera MT

Cavite, Silang


Manual 112,000 km

Used 2019 Honda Brio 1.2 S MT

2019 Honda Brio 1.2 S MT

Cavite, Silang


Manual 2,270 km

Used Chevrolet Captiva - 2011

Chevrolet Captiva - 2011

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 120,000 km

Used 2017 Toyota Vios 1.3E AT

2017 Toyota Vios 1.3E AT

Cavite, Silang


Automatic 33,000 km

    Top 3 Reasons to Bring a Mechanic When Buying a Used Car

    As you are currently looking at our long list of used cars for sale in Silang, Cavite, you start to question how you can figure out which of the units would be best to purchase.

    Not because you are opting for a second-hand unit doesn't mean you have to drive an unsafe and unreliable car. To avoid such, you need to inspect the car thoroughly, and the best way to do that is with the help of an auto-mechanic.

    Some of you might be skeptical about it since you have great knowledge of cars or you may have owned one for years. Also, seeking the help of a professional means you need to pay the person. The thing is, whether you are familiar with car problems or not, the advantages of bringing a mechanic with you, when checking out a pre-owned cars for sale, are immeasurable.

    Better Idea of Future Expenses

    It is expected that in the near future, some car parts need to be replaced because you are buying a used vehicle. Some sellers might change those parts before they put the unit in the market while others won't, and that is fine.

    Since mechanics have special skills and experience, they can do a proper car check easily identify how long a certain part would last before it needs replacement. This will help you identify the cost of owning it a few months or immediately after you buy it; if you would. This will also help you decide whether you would push through to purchasing it or not.

    Better Control of the Deal

    The excitement of bringing home a car will always be there, but sometimes, it will do you no good. You might end up purchasing a vehicle, which is not worth the price. That is because you were swayed by the words of the seller or the person who accompanied you (such as your partner, parents, and friend).

    With an auto-mechanic with you, you can hear an objective opinion and suggestion. This will give you better control of the deal since, based on the suggestion of the mechanic, you can either haggle with the seller or walk away from the deal no matter how good looking the car is.

    Identify Possible Hidden Problems

    It is a reality that some car sellers will do anything just so they can sell the 2nd hand units at a price they want, no matter what car brands they are. With that in mind, some of them can tweak the mileage, cover up some dings and dents, and the likes. Most of the time, if not always, only mechanics would be able to detect those. They would even identify if the vehicle has been used as a taxi in the past or have been in an accident.

    A Mechanic Is the Best Person to Be With You During a Car Inspection

    The eyes and ears of a professional auto-mechanic are incomparable to anyone; even the most experienced drivers. That is because they know the ins and outs of repairing cars, so they can identify even the slightest variation in a car, no matter how good it was done. Simply put, they can identify covered up and future problems. Thus, even if it will cost you to pay one to accompany you, it will all be worth it.

    If you need more car buying tips and advice, we here at have more updated articles for you to read. We also have car news and reviews. Good luck in finding your car!