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Used Cars for sale in Cainta Rizal

18 results found

Suzuki Swift 2017

Rizal, Cainta β‚±385,000

Cvt Certified Seller 40,000 km

Toyota Vios E 2018

Rizal, Cainta β‚±475,000

Cvt Certified Seller 35,000 km

Toyota Corolla Altis G 2016 Manual Negotiable

Rizal, Cainta β‚±520,000

Manual Verified Contact 59,000 km

2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac [SOLD]]

Rizal, Cainta β‚±250,000

Automatic Verified Contact 77,000 km

REPRICED 2001 Isuzu Fuego

Rizal, Cainta β‚±250,000

Manual Verified Contact 300,000 km

2003 Honda City IDSi

Rizal, Cainta β‚±205,000

Manual Verified Contact 130,000 km

2003 Honda City

Rizal, Cainta β‚±205,000

Manual Verified Contact 130,000 km

White Mitsubishi L300 2015 for sale in Cainta

Rizal, Cainta β‚±520,000

Manual 50,000 Km

Sell Silver 2019 Mitsubishi Montero in Cainta

Rizal, Cainta β‚±1,170,000

Manual 11,853 Km

Selling White Toyota Innova 2015 in Rizal

Rizal, Cainta β‚±700,000

Manual 60,000 Km

Silver Honda City 2003 for sale in Rizal

Rizal, Cainta β‚±205,000

Manual 130,000 Km

Black Mitsubishi Lancer 2005 for sale in Rizal

Rizal, Cainta β‚±235,000

Manual 130,000 Km

Black Hyundai Accent 2019 for sale in Rizal

Rizal, Cainta β‚±628,000

Manual 30,000 Km

Sell Silver 2015 Honda Mobilio in Cainta

Rizal, Cainta β‚±598,000

Automatic 40,000 Km

White Isuzu Mu-X 2016 SUV Automatic for sale in Rizal

Rizal, Cainta β‚±900,000

Automatic 29,000 Km

Hyundai Tucson 2016 GL gas AT The listing has expired

Hyundai Tucson 2016 GL gas AT

Rizal, Cainta β‚±585,000

Manual Certified Seller 40,000 km

Blue Hyundai Eon GLX Manual 2018 Fresh Low Mileage For Sale in Cainta The listing has expired

Blue Hyundai Eon GLX Manual 2018 Fresh Low Mileage For Sale in Cainta

Rizal, Cainta β‚±318,000

Manual Certified Seller 15,200 km

Mitsubishi L300 2006 The listing has expired

Mitsubishi L300 2006

Rizal, Cainta β‚±250,000

Manual Verified Contact 52,600 km

    Buying a Used Car: How Many Previous Owners Should It Belong To?

    Browsing through our wide range of used cars for sale in Cainta, Rizal listed by certified car dealers and private owners, you would realize that they differ in prices. It might be because of the reason for selling, the overall quality of the unit, and the number of previous owners.

    Yes, you might find vehicles for sale that have been passed on from one owner to another. Meaning, when you decide to buy such, you will not be the second owner. You could be the third, fourth, fifth, and so forth. Thus, how many previous owners is acceptable for you to consider buying the unit?

    What the Experts Say

    Car enthusiasts, auto collectors, buy-and-sell pros, and auto-mechanics all agree that the acceptable number of previous owners is not really standard. Meaning, there is no definite answer as to what is acceptable and what is not. That is because there are several factors to consider, and they are:

    1. How Old the Unit Is

    When you look at the different pre-owned cars for sale, whether online or offline, you would see older and somewhat newer models. With that in mind, an older model would be best purchased if you would be the second owner. If you go beyond that, even if it comes at a meager price, you might be in trouble.

    First, it might come with a lot of problems since it has been passed on from one person to another, so the car has different levels of maintenance and care. Second, you may no longer find compatible parts.

    On the other hand, a somewhat newer model that has been owned by three various individuals is still worth a try. That is, as opposed to older models, it still has parts available and this means the car has been on the road for so long.

    2. The Maintenance Record

    In relation to number one, no matter how old or new the model of the car is, it is worth looking at the vehicle maintenance record. All Auto brands, whether they are popular or not, require that their products be maintained regularly for them to function well and last as expected or even longer.

    As such, you should check the maintenance record of the car from all the previous owners. This way, you'll be secured that the car has been taken care of not just by the current owner, but also by the previous one.

    3. The Difference in the Year the Car Has Been Passed On

    This is quite tricky but can help you decide whether or not to opt for the car that has multiple previous owners. A three-year-old car which has been owned by three different persons is quite questionable. Of course, this is probably still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, but there might be a bad reason why the previous owners needed to sell the unit in such short periods.

    Was it in an accident? Has it been repaired a few times? Again, you go back to the maintenance record. It would also be best to investigate and research.


    We here at highly recommend opting for cars wherein you will be the second owner. Nonetheless, if you are low on budget, a third-, fourth-, or fifth-hand car is not bad at all as long as you consider the factors we mentioned above.

    If you need still need more help, our website is filled with the car buying tips and advice, as well as car reviews and news.

    Good luck on your car buying journey!