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2010 BMW X5 xDrive 3.0D AT

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 63,000 km

2016 BMW X4 xDrive 2.0D AT

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 23,000 km

2016 BMW M135i

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 3,000 km

2012 BMW 730 Li - 8,000 KM ONLY

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Certified Seller 8,000 km

2014 BMW X3 Limited Edition Turbo Diesel 2.0

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automanual Verified Contact 55,000 km

2014 BMW 1 series 116i Turbo Gasoline

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic Verified Contact 27,000 km

BMW 320d 2016 Diesel Available in Pasig Metro Manila

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 29,000 km

BMW 320d 2013 Grey Diesel Available Now Pasig Metro Manila

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 47,000 km

BMW X5 2008 Diesel AWD Grey Available in Pasig Metro Manila

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 53,000 km

BMW X3 2015 xDrive20d Diesel AWD Black Fresh Available in Pasig Metro Manila

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 40,000 km

2005 BMW 116i E87 Manual

Metro Manila, Las Piñas


Manual Certified Seller 40,000 km

2015 BMW 118D

Metro Manila, Parañaque


Automatic Verified Contact 10,000 km

2005 BMW 116i e87 Sports Edition Limited

Metro Manila, Las Piñas


Manual Verified Contact 40,000 km

2019 BMW X3 M sports

Metro Manila, Valenzuela


Automatic Certified Seller 13,000 km

2012 BMW 750li

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Verified Contact 21,000 km

2019 BMW M2

Metro Manila, Taguig


Manual Certified Seller 1,000 km

2016 BMW X4 Diesel 2.0L Brilla Shine Coating

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Verified Contact 29,000 km

Selling Black Bmw 318D 2013 in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 80,000 Km

Take some time to write down what you want from a car: How many people does it need to sit? Would you like it to be small or large? Are there certain features that you feel you can’t live without?

1. BMW second-hand cars for sale: Overview

BMW is a German company which produces cars and motorcycles famous the world over for their quality of build and of course, performance. The German company is also the parent company of the equally famous Rolls-Royce and Mini brand of cars.

Motorcycle are then promoted by the BMW Motorrad. BMW is one of the “German Big 3” together with Mercedes-Benz and Audi. They are called that because for a long time up until the present, they are the most best-selling luxury car makers in the global automotive market.

BMW started out way back in 1917 but didn’t manufacture land vehicles until 1923. They started out with motorcycles and then they moved on to cars in 1928. The first model of car they made was called the Dixi and was based on the Austin 7.

Currently, BMW Philippines has numerous used and brand new models available such as the BMW 3 Series, the X Series, and the M Series performance vehicles. These BMW cars are officially distributed here in the country by SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation or SMAC.

Buying a 2nd-hand BMW is almost always a good choice especially here in the Philippines because brand new units from the German car maker can be quite pricey. Take for example a new BMW 118I Sport which costs Php 2.69 million whereas a used 2018 118I only costs Php 1.9 million based on our used car listings. Great savings overall!

Go to our section for cheapest BMW used vehicles for sale to start your search now or keep reading to get some helpful recommendation given by Philkotse experts.

2. Cheapest BMW 2nd hand cars to buy

Model Brief review
Best BMW cars below P100k

BMW 5 Series 1990

BMW 5 Series 1990

+ The BMW 5 Series is an executive car that provides a lot of comforts and is quite fun to drive.
- The rear seats are not as comfortable as the front ones and it not easy nor cheap to maintain.

Best BMW cars below P200k

BMW 316I 1997 - 2004

BMW 316I 1997 - 2004

+ Despite being old, the 316I series is a very desirable vehicle due to its sporty handling and decently powerful engine.
- If you need to carry passengers though, the BMW 316I might not be the best because of its tight rear seats.

BMW 525I 1989 - 1995

BMW 525I 1989 - 1995

+ Some examples of the 5 series are priced higher than others due to their well-kept condition which can still turn heads.
+ Also, they’re fun to drive as well.
- Maintenance costs may creep up to surprise you.

BMW 320I 1997 - 2000

BMW 320I 1997 - 2000

+ The 320I is a fun to drive four-door sedan which has excellent driving dynamics.
- Its engine which is an Inline-6 gives decent power but might cost you when it comes to maintenance.

Best BMW cars below P300k

BMW E36-325I 1987 - 1992

BMW E36-325I 1987 - 1992

+ Still belonging to the 3 series, examples from these model years like any BMW handles quite well.
- Like any BMWs, its maintenance is pricey.

BMW 318I 1998 - 2002

BMW 318I 1998 - 2002

+ Quick and good looking, the 318I from these years are sleeker than older vehicles from the 3 series and have better gas mileage than ever before.
- Despite that, these cars still retain the driving dynamics the 3 series is known for.
- They still also retain the maintenance costs that the 3 series is equally known for.

Best BMW cars below P500k

BMW 318I 2002 - 2009

BMW 318I 2002 - 2009

+ Has a lot of features inside to keep occupants comfortable and entertained.
+ Units from these years are also better equipped in terms of safety.
- Some of these cars from these range of years are known to have power steering problems and the convertible version has some airbag problems. Those can be bothersome but it is nothing that a local BMW dealership can’t fix.

BMW 116I 2007 - 2008

BMW 116I 2007 - 2008

+ The 116I is rear wheel drive which is a car layout which enthusiasts tend to gravitate on.
- Because of its stiff suspension, the 116I may be uncomfortable for some.

BMW X5 2001 - 2005

BMW X5 2001 - 2005

+ For an SUV, the X5 handles quite well on paved roads and its interior is quite noticeable made with high-grade materials and assembled with care.
- As an SUV however, the X5 cannot actually handle rough roads than well.

Quick tip: Don't forget to try our search tool on the left of the listing page to filter your results by diverse criteria including location, year of manufacture, price range, and mileage.

3. Best BMW 2nd hand cars to buy by fuel consumption

No. Model Average fuel consumption
 1 Used BMW X1 23 km/L
 2 Used BMW 318I 9 km/L city
14 km/L highway
 3 Used BMW 316I 11.5 Km/L
 4 Used BMW 320I 6km/L city
11km/L highway
 5 Used BMW M3 11km/L

4. Best BMW 7 seat cars for family

 No. Model Brief review 
 1 Used BMW X7

For its price, you get an SUV capable of fitting 7 (if some are children) loaded with a lot of creature comforts as well as the reason as to why you want to buy a BMW in the first place; performance and handling.

Despite its size, the X7 can take corners with minimal rolling and also take gravel and dirt roads with easy.

The X7 SUV shares that market with the Mercedes-Benz GLS, the Lexus LX, the Infiniti QX80, and the Range Rover.

 2 Used BMW X6

The X6 is a five-door crossover that doesn’t actually fit 7 bit can still fit your small, 5 person family.

Despite that, the X6 is quite a nimble crossover with an aggressive stance which hints a lot to its performance.

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5. Top reasons to go for a BMW second-hand car

There are some reasons as to why you would want a BMW and as you can see from the third part of this article, fuel economy is definitely not one of them. Instead, if you want a BMW, the reason behind that is a pure driving pleasure as most of these cars listed here have more horsepower than the average car found here in the Philippines.

Some of these vehicles listed on can be priced cheap. That also hides the fact that maintenance costs for BMWs are higher than the average Japanese vehicle. Thankfully, there are a number of dealerships spread throughout the Philippines and they can address any sort of mechanical problem you bimmer might encounter. Just don’t try to fix major engine problems yourself especially if you have a newer model as these are terribly complicated machines.

Another reason to buy a BMW vehicle is that some models actually hold their value for a long time. Take for example the X series cross overs and SUVs and the M series performance vehicles. Most of these, despite their age, will stay above the 500,000 peso mark.

Don't want to go over budget for a luxury car? No worries, you can find plenty of more affordable options in our Second-hand cars for sale section. Happy shopping with!