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  • Stonic

As of 12/04/2023, there is a total of 1 of new Kia cars available for sale in the Philippines including 1 SUV. The cheapest car for sale is Kia Stonic at ₱768,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive Kia car for sale is Kia Stonic with a price of ₱768,000.

Most popular Kia cars for sale

Model Name Price
Kia Stonic From ₱768,000 - ₱768,000
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  • New car
  • 2022
  • Automatic
Metro Manila, Makati
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  • Free transfer of ownership
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New Kia for sale: How often should you service your car?

Car is an indispensable companion of every home. In order for the car to always operate well, ensure safety and save a variety of costs, car owners need to pay attention to the periodic car maintenance milestones. Explore how often should you do the car service in this post!

Why is car maintenance important?

Usually, the first and most important milestone is inspection and maintenance after the first 1,000km to promptly correct unexpected errors caused by production or arising during vehicle operation. Along with that, users need to pay attention to monthly maintenance and understand some important milestones with different parts and equipment.
With the development of the car sale Philippines market, buying a new or used car is just a piece of cake. People get access to many trustworthy websites like to find vehicles suitable for their own needs. But purchasing a car is not that straightforward, you must pay attention to its operation and sometimes it costs much money to repair your car frequently.
However, servicing your car is still a crucial part in using a vehicle. In fact, during the operation of a car, there will be abrasion between the joints of the parts. Regular inspection and maintenance will prevent premature damage and prolong the life of the vehicle.
Regular maintenance will also help you detect errors that your car has. You don’t have to suffer from unpleasant or insecure feelings because the car has problems such as not being able to start, brakes screeching or hitting the floor. When the parts are badly damaged, it will cause unsafe for users, so Kia Philippines sale car maintenance is necessary.

How often should you service your car?

Different parts of a car require a distinct amount of time for maintenance. While engine oil, engine air filter, air conditioner filter, brake fluid level, transmission oil should be checked after the first 5000 km, oil filter and tires are required to change after 18,000km of driving.
The next milestone is after 30,000 km of travel, when the car owner needs to change the engine air filter and air conditioner. When the vehicle is serviced after 40,000 km, the service center will check and replace the fuel filter, transmission oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant.
Without a doubt, Kia cars second hand for sale require more maintenance and attention during operation since they have been in use for a longer time.


Car maintenance for new Kia for sale is very important which will help your car in good condition and save you from danger on the road. You should keep in mind a regular schedule of car service to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle. Stay with us for more interesting topics!