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BMW for sale


  • BMW iX3

    BMW iX3

    Model Price Philippines
    ₱ 4,590,000
  • BMW iX

    BMW iX

    Model Price Philippines
    ₱ 6,290,000
  • BMW 2 Series

    BMW 2 Series

    Model Price Philippines
    ₱ 3,690,000


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New BMW for sale

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  • M5

As of 10/01/2023, there is a total of 1 of new BMW cars available for sale in the Philippines The cheapest car for sale is BMW M5 at ₱14,500,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive BMW car for sale is BMW M5 with a price of ₱14,500,000.

Most popular BMW cars for sale

Model Name Price
BMW M5 From ₱14,500,000 - ₱14,500,000
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Brand New 2023 BMW M5 for sale

  • New car
  • 2023
  • Automatic
Metro Manila, Taguig
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Why Should You Buy A New BMW for sale instead of a used one?

The demand for BMW car is raising in the Philippines market because of its convenience in the modern life. Among various options to buy car from new BMW for sale to used BMW car, it’s better to choose the new one. The reason will be revealed in this article.

High demand for new BMW cars for sale

Nowadays, many people consider cars as the majority vehicle. It is undeniable that BMW cars for sale are in higher demand than ever before thanks to its convenience and flexibility. Everyone wants to own the latest products. But in the context that tax policies and many factors still affect consumers, cars for sale in the Philippines are astronomically more expensive than in other countries. In order to realize their dreams, many people have also experienced confusion between the two options of buying a used BMW car or buying a new car.
About ten years ago, it was very difficult to find and buy used BMW cars, because second-hand cars were scarce and thus, there were not various options for customers. However, along with the rapid growth of the car market, the number of second-hand cars in the Philippines is also increasingly active. But buying an old car besides the advantages also has many shortcomings that you must consider. That’s why many people still think that choosing a brand new car is the best option.

Why should you choose to buy a new car?

The feeling of completely controlling a car is the first motivation to decide to buy one. A new car will provide drivers with perfect performance, no breakdowns along the way, and no worry about the number of kilometers being rewinded. In addition, new car drivers will also enjoy warranties, which include genuine spare parts replacement, not to mention car loan support. It helps buyers save investment in other plans.
Another advantage of buying a new car is body part insurance. This will help new drivers or first-time car buyers reduce anxiety, insecurity or fear of collisions during driving. With deep scratches or large dents, the treatment time will take a few days, while with minor damage, it only takes a few hours. And hardly any auto insurance company refuses to cover a new car.
Therefore, choosing a new car always brings interesting experiences to new drivers. In addition, being careful to limit car scratches when driving a new car will also contribute to forming good driving habits for future owners.
The biggest downside of buying a new car is the new BMW car prices. Besides the high selling price, when buying a new car, customers also have to pay many other fees such as registration or license plate fee.


This post has given you the reason why you should buy a new car. It is undeniable that new cars have a lot of benefits. However, which one is the best for you will depend on your taste of vehicle and purpose. Stay with us to explore more attractive topics about BMW car!