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Cars for sale in Culasi Antique

Culasi, Antique
3 results found
Used Mitsubishi Lancer EX GT-A CVT 2013 Year for sale

Mitsubishi Lancer EX GT-A CVT 2013 Year for sale

Antique, Culasi


Automatic 40,000 Km

Used Rush Very Fresh 2008s Ford Everest XLT AT Diesel On Sale 2FAST4U

Rush Very Fresh 2008s Ford Everest XLT AT Diesel On Sale 2FAST4U

Antique, Culasi


Manual 40,000 km

Used wrangler jeep

wrangler jeep

Antique, Culasi


    Tips to Pay off a Car Loan Faster

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    You are now browsing through our page listing for Cars for sale in Culasi, Antique. It's definitely a right place for car purchase cause we provide you the best deals from the most reputable brands available in the Philippines. Our Cars for sale section features both new and used cars from all your favorite brands and you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible deal out there.

    So you've finally taken your car from the dealership and enjoying every bit of driving fun you can get out of it. After a few months you start to reel with the monthly payment you have to pay for your new baby, and looking forward in the future you wish you could pay it off much faster.

    A lot of finance people would go and tell you that you should be debt-free to be happy but the truth is, if used the right way, debt and credit is a good thing, it enables you to make purchases for items you really want and would be able to pay for up-front.

    The point of debt is not to have it or to be overwhelmed but it's about managing it, and we at have some tips on how you can pay your car loans faster!

    Ask your bank about making early payments

    Most lending institutions in the Philippines charge early payment penalties if you plan to pay off your loan before maturity ends so make sure you ask them if they have any early loan termination schemes available.

    Refinance your loan

    Some banks offer refinancing your existing loans by transferring the balance of these loans to new ones with shorter amortization and lower interest rates. You might want to keep an eye out for these as they can potentially save you a lot from your current loan.

    Therefore, to have a better financing plan, it is recommended to carefully check the updated price of each model in our latest Philippines car price list to find out which fit your budget most.

    Find another source of income

    They say that you have to work for what you love, and if you really love your car you have to find another source of income to fund for your sweet ride.

    Pay yourself first with your salary

    Considering that your loan is something you've taken in for your own benefit you should consider setting aside for your own debt the moment you make a withdrawal from your salary. This makes things a lot easier and before you know it. Your debt's been paid off.

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