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Used Volvo 940 for sale

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Used Grey Volvo 940 for sale in Manila

Grey Volvo 940 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila


Automatic 120,000 Km

    Best tricks to outsmart a used car salesman

    You are checking out the wide range of second-hand vehicles currently available in the Philippines. These cars listed on, a website dedicated to helping buyers find the perfect car for them, are offered by certified dealers and private owners. From sedans to SUVs, and from vans to pick-up trucks, you'll find what you want and need at the moment.

    Owning a used vehicle is a solution for both personal and business transportation problems, especially if you are tight on budget. The skepticism for purchasing one comes from the fact that you might end up with a Pre-owned Volvo that would be in the junkyard after a few short and long distance travels. Fortunately, this is preventable, and that is only when you become wiser and smarter than the seller.

    It doesn't mean you need to have a better IQ than the seller. What we are implying is you should make sure that you can identify the tricks most car sellers throw to their buyers. Or better yet, you should be the one who can outsmart them with effective but reasonable tricks.

    Research, research, research

    Even if you are buying a second-hand unit manufactured by some of the most popular, high-ranking, and reputable Volvo Philippines, doing your research before meeting with a salesperson is important. This will ensure that you know what you're getting your hands on, as well as to make sure you have an idea what the seller is telling you.

    Additionally, you would know what to ask. What's the car's mileage? Does it come with an insurance policy and has claims been made in the past years? How many years is covered by the warranty? Does it come with maintenance documents? And more.

    In short, when you've researched well, the seller would assume that you know everything or a lot about cars, which is a good thing. They might refrain from using some of the old selling tricks and/or be honest with the real condition of the car.

    Emotions, emotions, emotions

    Finally, you found your dream car at a fraction of a cost, and you're so excited! Stop right there and take a breather.

    Yes, we understand it isn't easy to find a great deal for a Used Volvo 940 but is it really the best deal? Maybe yes, maybe not. Hence, keep your excitement to yourself. Don't send a message to the seller implying that you would buy it no matter what. Same goes when you meet the salesperson to check the car out.

    As mentioned above, ask a lot of questions and keenly check the car from the inside out. Once you've confirmed that you have a great deal at the moment, don't close the deal yet and stay in a not-so-impressed or -excited character. Why? Because you can still negotiate the price!

    Haggle, haggle, haggle

    The price of the second-hand Volvo 940 might be reasonable enough already, but most sellers know that some buyers will haggle. As such, they would add a few pesos to their original asking price, just so it would be a win-win situation. Of course, they would be lucky enough if the buyer wouldn't even bother bargaining!

    That said, give the price you are willing to pay for the vehicle. The best trick is to go lower than your allotted budget since negotiations will be done two ways. Nonetheless, be the “aggressive” negotiator, rather than the passive one. By that we mean you should let the seller meet you halfway, but also make sure that you are not too arrogant and cheeseparing to a point you end up losing the deal or them not earning at all.

    Get That Deal Fairly!

    Not all second-hand cars for sale you would find are a great deal. Some are overpriced for their lifespan, while others are reasonably priced but would require some upgrades like a new car seat cover and a new battery. To get the greatest deal of your life, make sure that you research well, learn how to negotiate professionally and humanely, and keep a poker face when you found the right car.

    For more tips and tricks, car reviews and news, as well as car listings, you can browse through our website. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you close a deal and drive your own car the soonest!