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Used Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise for sale

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3 results found
Used Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise 1997 Automatic Diesel for sale in Marilao

Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise 1997 Automatic Diesel for sale in Marilao

Bulacan, Marilao



Used Nissan Caravan Homy 2006 (96 in japan) for sale

Nissan Caravan Homy 2006 (96 in japan) for sale

Bulacan, Santa Maria


Automatic 155,000 Km

Used 2007 Nissan Caravan automatic 2.7 turbo diesel engine for sale

2007 Nissan Caravan automatic 2.7 turbo diesel engine for sale

Bulacan, Balagtas


Automatic 130,000 Km

    How old of a used Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise car should you buy?

    Going for a used car, or in this particular case - a second-hand Nissan will surely save you tons of money because they have a price way lower than a brand-new model. You can also save from paying high insurance premiums.

    Some of you, though, might be in doubt when it comes to buying second-hand vehicles, and we wouldn't blame you for that.

    Perhaps you have no idea how to check the condition of the car or if the pesos you have saved from buying one is worthy enough, especially if it had been with the first owner for years.

    So how old is a used car old enough?

    If you have been researching about Nissan Philippines, you are fully aware that a majority of them comes with a five-year warranty. That may be in parts, labor, or parts with labor. This is actually your first clue when it comes to identifying the appropriate age of a second-hand car that you are supposed to purchase.

    With that we mean, a car that is five or more years old is something that is not worth considering because, well, it has surpassed the warranty period. Thus, you would be chunking a lot of money when the Used Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise will have problems once it is in your possession.

    With that in mind, it is safe to say that the recommended age of a used car you should consider buying is four years. Nonetheless, it should be noted that not all four-year- or less-old cars are in great condition and are worthy of your money.

    Why is that so? What other factors should you consider?

    Year after year, every car manufacturer will upgrade their units from model of the previous year to the model of the current year. Each time they do so, most of the time, the add-ons will be on the safety features.

    Is the current model of the Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise you are buying have enough safety elements?

    If it does, then, you're totally fine. It doesn't have to be technologically advanced features (well, because it's an older model), but at least, it has enough to ensure your and your passenger's safety on the road.

    Additionally, a second-hand car's efficiency and safety will depend on how well the car has been used by the owner and how often it has been used on the road. Thus, better check the mileage and contact a mechanic to check on the parts of the cars if they are still feasible, require replacement, or irreplaceable or irreparable.

    Still, have questions?

    Once you decided to buy a Nissan Caravan-GT-Cruise that is four years or less old with the right number of safety features and workable parts, we understand that there are still things to consider. That may include choosing between paying it in cash and installment basis and how to maintain a used car.

    No worries! We here at have a vast number of helpful tips and advice not just on buying used vehicles, but also on car maintenance and safe driving. We also have the latest news and reviews on cars from different manufacturers!

    Moreover, you will find plenty of affordable options for pre-owned cars for sale from all brands and models, which will surely match your needs, budget, and preferences. Whether it may be for yourself, your partner, your family, your child, or for your business, we have them for you.

    Thank you for visiting our site and may you find the perfect car for your needs and budget, as well as helpful information about cars in general!