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Used Mercedes-Benz 300B for sale

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Used Like new Mercedes Benz B180 2016 Automatic for sale

Like new Mercedes Benz B180 2016 Automatic for sale

Isabela, Roxas


Automatic 80,000 km

    Buying a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz 300B? This 5-Point Checklist is for you!

    So you're looking at our list of used Mercedes-Benz 300B for sale because you have finally decided that a pre-owned vehicle works better for your needs and/or matches your budget better than buying a brand-new unit.

    Let's admit it though: the main drawback of purchasing and owning a second-hand car is that you are not sure of its true condition and status. It's a risk you need to take but should not take for granted even if you are on the tightest of budget.

    What you need to do is to follow a strict 5-point checklist recommended by professionals and experts. With that being said, has collated the recommendations of experts in the industry and narrow it down for you.

    1. Document Verification

    The most common mistake of second-hand car buyers is them not being about the car documents such as the registration, receipts, and maintenance records. The original docs might be presented to you when you meet with the seller, but you have to make sure you verify the information.

    The best thing to do?

    Visit the LTO branch nearest you to check if the information on the docs is true and correct. This way, you are assured that the seller is really the owner of the car. With so many scams and modus-operandi in the country, you should be too careful and make doubt your best friend.

    You should also verify whether the car has been involved in crimes, accidents, and the likes. You will not only ensure that you are purchasing a car without a criminal hit but also having an idea of the real condition of the Mercedes-Benz 300B being sold to you.

    2. Car Inspection

    Once you found out that the car's records are clean and the documents are authentic, it is now time to inspect the ins and outs of the car.

    Take time to do this and check every nooks and cranny. Here are the things to check as suggested by the experts of Mercedes-Benz Philippines:

    • Engine leaks and head gasket condition
    • Oil level
    • Exhaust smoke
    • Gearbox and clutch smoothness and sound
    • Exterior bodywork from top to bottom
    • Dashboard (warning lights, mileage, etc.)
    • Car seat
    • Electronics
    • Interior and exterior lights
    • Air conditioning and heating system
    • Tire and wheel rubber condition and tread depth

    3. Test Drive

    As similar to buying a brand-new car, you should test-drive the unit to get a fell of the vehicle when you're using it. Do you feel comfortable? Can you see the road in front of you clearly? And more.

    Additionally, for a used car, you would identify unusual sounds that might indicate issues. Apart from the sounds, you can also determine possible issues with the car's steering wheel, tires, brake, clutch, gear, handbrake, lights, wiper, and more. With that in mind, it is best to test drive as long and as far as you want.

    4. Price Match

    More often than not, when you're looking at pre-owned cars for sale, you already have a budget in mind. As such, you would be considering units that match or lower than your allotted budget.

    However, after accomplishing numbers one to three, you would have an idea of whether the price is worthy or not.

    5. Haggle

    Whether the car is worthy of the listed price or not, it is always best to haggle with the price. Remember that most sellers would expect a buyer to ask for a discount or to meet them halfway. Thus, the price, most probably, is not fixed. Take advantage of such.

    Check All the Boxes Before Closing a Deal!

    Now that Philkotse has provided you with the 5 essential things to put on your checklist when purchasing a used car, put it to good use for you to end up with a reliable and value-for-money second hand Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

    We wish you drive your own car the soonest!