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Used Land Rover Range Rover under PHP 100,000 for sale

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Brand new Land Rover Range Rover for sale

  • Used car
Metro Manila, Quezon City

Land Rover Range Rover for sale

  • Used car
  • Automatic
Metro Manila, Quezon City

Porsche 991 997 Porsche range rover mags rim tires

  • Used car
  • 2005
Metro Manila, Manila

2014 Land Rover Range Sport SUV for sale

  • Used car
  • 2014
  • Automatic
  • 10,850 km
Tawi-Tawi, Tandubas

Land Rover Range Rover Stock Mag Wheels 1set with Bnew Tires Defender

  • Used car
Metro Manila, Manila

Top Reasons to Buy Used Car

Nowadays, many people prefer buying used cars over brand new cars for a load of reasons. The specific reason depends on each person, however, there are 5 main reasons that most people have when deciding to buy a used car. In this post, top 5 reasons will be revealed as well as the address of – one of the best used car listing pages for you to rely on whenever want to buy a car.

Selling and buying used cars in the Philippines

The Philippines' market for secondhand vehicles is constantly expanding due to a rise in consumer demand. Most consumers in the market have been attracted to used cars because of their comparable quality to new cars and much lower pricing. Many used cars dealers have entered the market by both forms: offline and online. You can search for some good used car listing pages which provide transparent information about specifications and price, for example, This website currently updated 2,219 cars available for sale including both new and used cars. It’s very easy to access the website and search for your favorite 2nd hand cars for sale.

Top 5 reasons to buy used car in the Philippines

Lower cost
One of the top reasons for buying a used car is the affordable price. Used car prices Philippines usually ranges from 70% to 80% of the original price. The reason is that used cars are depreciated over time compared to new cars, usually 5% per year. Additionally, 2nd-hand cars for sale require less tax and fee than new car sales do. As a result, you could save money on buying used cars.

Similar quality as new cars
Most of used cars with age less than or equal to 4 years have the same quality as new cars. Older automobiles still perform well and have little noticeable modifications to the interior, exterior color, or engine. Therefore, many people, especially those who do not have high incomes, consider purchasing a used car to be a reasonable option.

Legal documents are ready
Used cars frequently come with the necessary legal paperwork, including vehicle registration, warranties, insurance, etc. You just need to ask the previous owner to change their name on the documentation or ask the dealer to do it for you. Unlike when purchasing a new car, you won't need to worry about getting these documents ready.

Saving time
Customers must wait between 10 days and a month while some new car models are not available and need to be shipped from the manufacturers. Older vehicles won't experience this. Compared to buying a new car, purchasing a used car will save more time because it is fully documented and ready to be owned.

More convenient for new drivers
Young or inexperienced drivers frequently struggle with speed and are more likely to be involved in minor crashes that result in minor vehicle damage. The repair expenses for these crashes will be very high if you drive a new car. However, you won't pay a lot for a used car. In the worst-case scenario, you can also replace the vehicle without regretting your purchase decision.

This article has indicated 5 reasons why buying a used car is favorable today among customers. If you found it reasonable for a used car, don't hesitate to contact Philkotse for more options. Keep follow us to update the latest used car news!