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Used Isuzu mu-X for sale

28 results found

MuX only 20k odo

Metro Manila, Parañaque ₱870,000

Manual Verified Contact 20,000 km

Isuzu MU-X 2015 ( outback brown )

Metro Manila, Makati ₱690,000

Automatic Verified Contact 75 km

2015 Isuzu Mux 4x4

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱958,000

Automatic Certified Seller 32,000 km

2017 ISUZU MU-X 4x2 LS-A 8N 3.0 A/T

Pangasinan, Dagupan ₱1,075,000

Automatic Verified Contact 52,000 km

2015 Isuzu MUX 4x2 AT

Bulacan, Guiguinto ₱800,000

Automatic Verified Contact 61,000 km

Lockdown Sale! 2015 Isuzu MU-X 2.5 LS 4X2 Manual Brown 103T Kms CN6656

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱670,000

Manual Certified Seller 103,000 km

Isuzu Mu-X Pearl White 5 Yrs Old

Cebu, Talisay ₱950,000

Automatic Verified Contact 60,558 km


Metro Manila, Parañaque ₱480,000

Automatic Verified Contact 55,000 km


Cebu, Lapu-Lapu ₱1,300,000

Automatic Verified Contact 23,000 km

ISUZU MUX model 2016

Rizal, Taytay ₱850,000

Manual Verified Contact 35,000 km

2016 Isuzu Mu-X for Sale

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱950,000

Automatic Verified Contact 38,000 km

2015 Isuzu muX 4X2 2.5 automatic transmission

Cebu, Cebu City ₱860,000

Automatic Verified Contact 55,000 km

Isuzu MUX 2018

Metro Manila, Manila ₱988,000

Automatic Verified Contact 18,000 km

Isuzu Mux 2016

Metro Manila, Makati ₱700,000

Automatic Verified Contact 33,000 km

2015 Isuzu MUx for sale

Cebu, Cebu City ₱870,000

Automatic Verified Contact 55,000 km

Sell Red 2017 Isuzu Mu-X in Parañaque

Metro Manila, Parañaque ₱905,000

Automatic 28,000 Km

Black Isuzu Mu-X 2017 for sale in Antipolo

Rizal, Antipolo ₱1,100,000

Automatic 37,000 Km

Pearl White Isuzu Mu-X 2016 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Taguig ₱800,000

Manual 70,000 Km

The Hidden Risks of Used Cars

The multitude of Second hand cars for sale available in the Philippines market is among the reasons why more people can now afford to have a car of their own. Let's admit it: a pre-owned vehicle will almost always come half the price of a brand-new car from the same brand. To add more, private companies and banks now allow individuals to avail of auto-loans for them to pay off the used car easily and flexibly.

However, as similar to any other situations or things in life, there is always a drawback or a disadvantage.

Buying, owning, and driving a used vehicle is not all about benefits. There are also risks involved, and most of the time, buyers are not even aware of such. What is worse is that they can be caught off guard since they had high expectations when they bought the unit.

With those in mind, is it a bad thing to spend your hard-earned money on a second-hand vehicle, or in this case a used Isuzu car?

Definitely NOT!

Of course, buying a used car will always have risks simply because it is no longer at its highest quality. As such, just be careful and keen enough. Likewise, maintain it twice as much as how one would take care of a brand-new car.

With that in mind, Philkotse has compiled some of the most common unforeseen risks that you might encounter when buying a pre-own unit from Isuzu Philippines as well as any other reputable automakers in order for you to be more informed during your car hunt.

1. False Car Condition

More often than not, while you started searching for a used Isuzu mu-X, you must have looked into, checked out, and test driven multiple units, as well as dealt with a lot of sellers or dealers, to make sure you end up with the one that has the greatest condition. That's what a wise buyer would do, right?

The thing is you really wouldn't have a clear idea of the 100% condition of that unit, from top to bottom and inside out. The car might have been involved in an accident; it may have been used as a taxi, and the like. Although mechanics and car experts can check those, not all of them would be able to really see everything.

Additionally, even if those are not the case, a second-hand unit will surely have problems in the long run, especially if the original owner didn't take care of it well or even maintained it regularly. Some of the parts would need to be replaced in due time, while others might require occasional repairs.

2. False Identity

Even though false identity might occur in less than 1% of second-hand car buyers, this is still one of the hidden risks of buying a used unit. What do we mean by false identity?

What we are trying to say is that as the new owner or driver of the Isuzu mu-X you just bought, someone might falsely identify you as the previous owner. As non-violent as we want to be, what if the old owner has done something wrong to a certain individual? What if they have a pending civil or criminal case? You never know if the previous owner has a lot of enemies.

That being said, it is always best to check the records of the vehicle in the LTO (for your further information, LTO vehicle verification can be done online). Also, it wouldn't be too much to check on the seller or dealer. Likewise, it is also smart to look for cars listed on reputable marketplaces such as

Thank you for choosing and we hope our advice can be of some help to your car search!