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2017 Toyota Hiace Super Grandia LXV 3.0 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 55,000 km


Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 5,800 km


Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 52 km


Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 25,871 km


Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 55 km

2014 Toyota RAV 4 2.5L A/T

Metro Manila, Parañaque


Automatic Certified Seller 42,000 km

2019 Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5L GLS A/T

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 7,000 km

2016 Mercedes-Benz V220 CDI Sports Avantgarde Extra Long D

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 41,000 km

2019 Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4x4 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 6,000 km

2013 Subaru BRZ 2.0 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 43,000 km

2013 Toyota GT 86 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig


Automatic Certified Seller 23,000 km

Top of the Line Almost Brand New 2017 Ford Everest Titanium Plus 4X4 AT

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Certified Seller 8,000 km

2018 Nissan Urvan NV350 2.5 Manual Diesel

Metro Manila, Makati


Manual Certified Seller 25,000 km

2014 Honda City VX 1.5 Automatic Gas

Metro Manila, Makati


Automatic Certified Seller 62,000 km

2019 Acquired Mitsubishi Montero GLS

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Certified Seller 20,000 km

Hyundai Grand Starex 2011 VGT Gold Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas


Automatic Certified Seller 70,000 km

Top of the Line Well kept Best buy 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS BK 4X4 Diesel AT

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic Certified Seller 47,000 km

Toyota Vios 2017 Manual not 2018 2016 2015

Pampanga, San Fernando


Manual Certified Seller 18,000 km

Take some time to write down what you want from a car: How many people does it need to sit? Would you like it to be small or large? Are there certain features that you feel you can’t live without?

Used car buying guide for Philkotse users

There are many advantages to buying a second-hand vehicle, with most of those benefits relating to cost. Regardless of make and model, most of these pre-owned vehicles tend to have a significantly more affordable price tag, some being almost 60% cheaper than their brand-new counterparts.

Note that a brand-new vehicle is more prone to depreciation than used cars. The moment you drive a new vehicle off the dealership, it has already depreciated by at least 10%. Over the first 12 months of ownership, this rate increases to more than 20%. By the fourth or fifth year, a used car loses its value at a comparatively slower rate, having already passed those major depreciation milestones.

Also, pre-owned cars tend to have lower insurance premiums. Older models especially have fewer features likely to break down or malfunction.

At, you can find numerous listings for pre-owned cars spanning all major brands here in the Philippines, and even a number of good deals on vintage cars. Before diving into our extensive listing, here are the top, most-searched-for vehicles listed on our site, plus some tips on how to choose your ideal second-hand car wisely.

I. Used cars for sale in the Philippines: The most popular models by brand & budget

1. Top 10 most-searched second-hand cars by brand and model

Price: From P80,000
Downpayment: From P40,000
Monthly installment: From P867
Price: From P170,000
Downpayment: From P85,000
Monthly installment: From P1,842
Price: From P150,000
Downpayment: From P75,000
Monthly installment: From P1,625
Price: From P100,000
Downpayment: From P50,000
Monthly installment: From P1,083
Price: From P135,000
Downpayment: From P67,500
Monthly installment: From P1,463
Price: From P150,000
Downpayment: From P75,000
Monthly installment: From P1,625
Price: From P110,000
Downpayment: From P55,000
Monthly installment: From P1,192
Price: From P130,000
Downpayment: From P65,000
Monthly installment: From P1,408
Price: From P80,000
Downpayment: From P40,000
Monthly installment: From P867
Price: From P90,000
Downpayment: From P45,000
Monthly installment: From P975

* Please note that these prices, downpayments and monthly payments are references only. Please click on the relevant models for more accurate pricing information.

2. Best Used Cars by Body Type

Body type
Recommended model

SUV car

MPV car

Crossover car

SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) are known for their high ground clearance and off-roading capabilities with robust, truck-based chassis.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Mitsubishi Pajero

Ford Everest

Mitsubishi Adventure

Suzuki Ertiga

Toyota Fortuner

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Ford Everest

Isuzu Mu-X

Honda CR-V

MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicle) cars are designed for large space, mostly accommodating 7 - 8 passengers.
A crossover is basically a hatchback that acts like an SUV or simply, a tall hatchback.

 Hatchback car

Hatchback cars often feature a rear door swinging upward to access to cargo area. The 2nd row might be folded flat to release more space for cargo.

Kia Picanto

Toyota Wigo

Suzuki Alto

Hyundai Eon

Mitsubishi Mirage


 Sedan car

Generally, sedan is a vehicle designed with an extended boot. Sedan cars are longer than hatchbacks and able to accommodate up to5 passengers.

Toyota Vios

Honda Civic

Toyota Wigo

Honda City

Hyundai Accent


 Pick up truck

Pick up trucks are the ultimate utility vehicles which have a cabin for the driver and passengers. At the back, they have an entire bed to haul and carry different kinds of cargo.

Toyota Hilux

Mitsubishi Strada

Nissan Navara

Ford Ranger

Isuzu D-Max


 Van & Minivan car

Van is commonly used for transporting goods or people. In terms of size, van may be smaller or larger than a SUV and truck, but still bigger than a common vehicle. Most MPVs can fit at least 7 - 8 passengers.

Toyota Hiace

Hyundai Grand Starex

Nissan Urvan

Mitsubishi L300

Suzuki APV

>>> Contact the nearest used car dealership for inquiries regarding car loan & installment

3. Best 2nd-hand cars by price range

Recommended model
Toyota Corolla
Mitsubishi Lancer
Mazda 323
Honda Civic
Suzuki Multicab
Honda City
Toyota Revo
Toyota Innova
Honda Civic

In case you’re still choosing which brand to get as your next car, you can go to our Philippine car brands page to learn about the typical characteristics of each automaker. Knowing the brand essence of every car manufacturer helps a lot, especially when you still find yourself unsure of which model to spend your hard-earned money on.

II. Cheap second-hand cars in the Philippines: Essential things to check

1. Car parts

When you first lay eyes on the pre-owned car you want to purchase, check every nook and cranny as possible.

  • First, inspect the underbody. Look for signs of rust or repairs. If possible, take the car to a hydraulic lifter to easily check around underneath.
  • Inside the car’s interior, check for wet spots under the matting.
  • Also, inspect the area under the trunk’s carpeting.
  • After that, you can check the pedals, as they indicate how often the car was used.
  • Take a look at the engine bay. Check around and under for potential weak spots and leaks. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.

checking floor mat of a used car

Remove the foot mats and check for any moist and wet spots

2. Documents

Go over the car’s documents. Confirm if the car is registered or otherwise. It’s also prudent to check maintenance records.

essential documents when buying a second hand car in the Philippines

Check the related documents such as the registration document, service and full car record, etc.

3. Signs of a stolen vehicle

To avoid a huge amount of headaches later, check if the car is in possession of its legitimate owner and not stolen. To do this, you’ll want to check the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and license plates, cross-checking these with the LTO.

Be wary if the seller wants you to pay on a cash basis. Usually, a seller who can’t provide legally binding documents will tend to go for cash transactions only. If there are documents,  take a close look at these to make sure that they have not been falsified. Check for incorrect and tampered info.

Also, note if the deal is too good to be true, as some criminals want to get rid of a vehicle if it was used in a crime.

a stolen car

Data show that mainstream models are the most-often stolen rides on the road

4. Signs of damage caused by an accident

  • Looks for signs of overspray in random places as this is the easiest and most common solution to make a crashed vehicle look like new.
  • Check if the seatbelts look overstretched or even ripped. Likewise, look for signs that the airbags have been previously deployed.
  • Thirdly, feel the doors of the car. If they are flimsy and does not close with a thud, that might be bad news.
  • Check the chassis of the car itself; if it’s not straight, you may want to inquire further.
  • Also, take note of mismatched parts and uneven panels or gaps as vehicles tend to follow a consistent value with it comes to the space between panels.

a pre-owned car with accident damage

You should require the seller to provide information about the car’s history and its replacement

To know more about smart tricks for car buyers, owners and drivers, check out our tips and advice section.

III. Tips on how to avoid online scams

Like other online portals that sell goods, car websites out there have their fair share of online scammers. To avoid online these scam sellers, here are some useful tips:

  • Watch out if the price is too low. If you’re in doubt with that second-hand car price, you can always cross-check it with other listings. This is either a trap to catch your interest or the car has some hidden defect that the seller is not willing to share.
  • If there’s a hint of rust on the vehicle, you might want to think twice about buying the car. If you see some on the car’s frame, it usually means an advanced state of corrosion.
  • Usually, a seller is keen and determined to sell his/her vehicle. If the seller is not enthusiastic, that might be a good sign to back off.
  • When a seller is not willing to meet and delegates the job to another person instead, that might be a sign that he is not trustworthy.
  • Ask for the car’s papers and check them immediately. If those can’t be provided or they look sketchy, walk away.
  • When a seller avoids directly answering questions about the car, he or she might be hiding something.

Aside from an extensive pool of car listings, a one-stop shop for anything related to cars, also provides readers the latest automotive news, the most updated pricelists for all makes and models of cars available in the Philippines, and also tips on how to become a responsible driver and a car owner.

We hope you enjoy your time with us!


In the Philippines, the Honda Civic has been running in its tenth generation

We cannot miss the Toyota Innova when it comes to MPV class

The Toyota Vios is a great hit of Toyota to the local market

The Toyota Fortuner has been known as the most favorite SUV since its launch

The Toyota Hilux is airy and spacious enough to sit comfortably 5 adults

if you want the most agile and most stylish SUV out there, get the Montero Sport