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  • Tata Super Ace

    Tata Super Ace

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    Tata Ace

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Tata SUV / Crossover for sale

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TATA Indigo 2017 for sale

  • Used car
  • 2017
  • Manual
  • 21 km
Cagayan, Lal-lo

FOR SALE 2014 TATA VISTA tires 90% thread

  • Used car
  • 2014
  • Manual
  • 44,000 Km
Metro Manila, Marikina

2014 Tata Vista 1.4L for sale

  • Used car
  • 2014
  • Manual
  • 40,000 Km
Pampanga, San Fernando

Tata Super Ace Drop Side 2017 for sale

  • New car
  • 2017
  • Manual
Rizal, Cainta

Purpose of Each Car Body Types

Tata Philippines offers some body types in the market, which serves a wide range of customers segments. From tall cars with powerful engines to tiny cars with elegant design, each model is appropriate for each consumer category. Keep reading to explore the purpose of each Tata body types!


Sedan is considered as the most popular body type of Tata car for sale. Due to space constraints, it is most frequently used for travel and is not ideal for transporting goods. In addition, the car frequently has better sound insulation due to the benefit of having a distinct cabin, making it feel cozier than other cars. Many Tata Philippines dealerships offer this Tata SUV / Crossover car for sale because of its convenience.


Unlike the Sedan with a 3-compartment structure, the Hatchback has only 2 compartments: the engine compartment and the passenger compartment. Because the luggage compartment is integrated with the passenger compartment rather than being a distinct space, this car can transport a lot of luggage but not many passengers. Hatchback is the most suitable for individuals or families with more needs to carry a lot of luggage.


SUV is an abbreviation of the phrase Sport Utility Vehicle. SUV has high ground clearance, large wheels, strong and masculine exterior design. SUV is suitable for long-distance travel, suitable for sports lovers who like adventure and discovery.


Crossover (full name Crossover Utility Vehicle – CUV) is often known as the perfect combination of an SUV and a Sedan. It has a high ground clearance and similar design to an SUV but is more colorful. Crossovers are ideal for people who loves the look of SUVs but use them in the city. The convenient design of crossover is very helpful for the city life.


Minivan or MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) is a vehicle commonly used for families, capable of flexibly switching between carrying people and carrying goods. MPVs usually have a higher ground clearance than sedans but lower than crossovers or SUVs. The car's features include a fuel-efficient engine, foldable seats for easy cargo transportation, and a design that prioritizes passenger safety and comfort.

You must have selected your ideal body type based on the information above. You can look for all cars for sale with different body types on with information about specs, year of manufacture and price. Visit Philkotse today for the latest great deals!