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  • Civic

As of 06/26/2024, there is a total of 1 of new Honda cars available for sale in the Philippines including 1 Sedan. The cheapest car for sale is Honda Civic at ₱380,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive Honda car for sale is Honda Civic with a price of ₱380,000.

Most popular Honda cars for sale

Model Name Price
Honda Civic From ₱380,000 - ₱380,000
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Honda Civic 2012 AT

  • New car
  • 2012
  • Automatic
Pampanga, Guagua
₱350,000 ₱380,000
  • Free transfer of ownership
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How To Spot If You Get A Good Deal On new Honda For Sale?

Maybe the price of the car you get is good, but the deal (all relevant parts of the transaction) is not. For new car buyers, it's too easy to focus on the price of Philippines cars for sale or the monthly payment and ignore the other essentials. As a result, agents can give you a low price and make up profit elsewhere. So how to spot if you get a good deal on new Honda for sale?


Cars are valuable assets, so buying Honda cars for sale requires a clear plan. It is necessary to determine how much money is available for the purchase of a car. Then you should choose the right car model for your needs and purposes. Determining the car model to buy and the amount you can afford to buy a car is extremely important. This keeps you on track, saving you time and effort.

Reputable genuine car dealership

No matter what purpose you buy a new Honda for sale, you should prioritize buying a car at genuine car dealerships near your home or work. Of course, you can get the car you like at a larger discount at a dealership farther away. But in the long run, that difference is not significant, because you will find it more expensive and inconvenient to have to drive a long distance to the place of maintenance and repair.

Prices and promotions

The most important promotional information that many people are interested in is the price of the model car they intend to buy. Usually, car dealerships offer discounts at the end of the month, at the end of the quarter, at the end of the year or at Christmas, on the occasion of the company's important milestone anniversary. You should pay attention to these times to be able to buy a new Honda for sale cheaper.


With the current era of strong technology development, car buyers are fully active in finding information about car models as well as reputable car suppliers. Currently on the market there are many major car websites or forums like for you to access and find out the information you need. For example, where to sell cars, prices of new Honda for sale, compare prices, models. This is especially useful information for people who are in need of buying a car as well as those who are in the process of using a car.
Whether buying a new Honda for sale or a used car Philippines, hopefully the information in this article will help you get a good deal when buying the car you like.