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Hyundai Getz 2017 for sale

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Hyundai Getz 2017 for sale

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9 results found
Used Hyundai Getz Car

Hyundai Getz Car

Cebu, Cebu City


Manual 70,000 Km

Used Hyundai getz:suzuki swift:toyota wigo:ford fiesta:honda

Hyundai getz:suzuki swift:toyota wigo:ford fiesta:honda

Metro Manila, Manila



Used Hyundai getz Hatchback for sale

Hyundai getz Hatchback for sale

Metro Manila, Manila



Used For sale Hyundai Getz in good condition

For sale Hyundai Getz in good condition

Metro Manila, Makati


Manual 16,000 Km

Used Hyundai GETZ hatchback for sale

Hyundai GETZ hatchback for sale

Davao del Sur, Davao City



Used Hyundai getz good condition for sale

Hyundai getz good condition for sale

Metro Manila, Makati



Used 2007 Hyundai Getz for sale

2007 Hyundai Getz for sale

Pangasinan, San Manuel



Used Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRDI

Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRDI

South Cotabato, T'Boli


Manual 60,000 Km

Used hyundai getz gl

hyundai getz gl

South Cotabato, T'Boli


Manual 80,000 Km

    Buying a used Car: Why You Should Pay Attention to Model Cycles

    Used cars are usually the first choice of people who aren't lucky enough to be born with outstanding financial capability.

    Asides from being way cheaper than brand new units fresh off the dealerships used vehicles for sale are also tested so you no longer have to worry about the break-in period. There are also other benefits to a used car like smoother handling compared to that of a new one.

    Indeed there are tons of good things about a used-car that you just can't say "no" to – but that is if you get a quality unit that's been properly cared for. Used cars are being sold for a variety of reasons.

    It could be because of a financial problem on the seller's side, a change of vehicle or simply because they want to get rid of it.

    Some sellers also ditch their rides for sale when a new model is released by the manufacturer. If you're planning to buy a used car from Hyundai Philippines, learn these notes below to know why the model cycle should concern you.

    Not All Models Have a Cycle

    Even though model cycles have become a hype, there are still vehicle manufacturers who choose to be singled out because of this factor.

    Some original models like Volkswagen's Beetle, Jeep CJ or Wrangler, and even Checker Marathon and Studebaker Avanti. These are one-of-a-kind vehicles that didn't get a model cycle; perhaps the manufacturers decided they were better off that way.

    Why This Should Concern You: Since not all the vehicles have a model cycle, you should research and beware that the Hyundai Getz you are looking at is unique or not. If you buy a second-hand car with no model cycle, you may find it hard to get a replacement part when your car needs it.

    Redesigned According to What's Hot

    One of the reasons that manufacturers follow up on their model cycle is because the body kit or the design doesn't seem to align with what the market wants. They can either make minor adjustments and even major changes.

    Examples of minor adjustments are a different shape of the headlight, a change in the vehicle's height or any small alteration in the interior set-up. Major adjustments can be a change in the size and shape of the bumper and any obvious addition to the design and set up like a spoiler.

    Why This Should Concern You: Since you're buying a second-hand Hyundai Getz then that means that you're not buying it because of popularity or to keep up with the trend. One problem with these is that manufacturers most likely updated them because they weren't bringing sales.

    That means that parts manufacturers could've also stopped producing spare parts. That used car you are going to purchase might have a limited number of parts available in the market because its popularity was cut short or it wasn't fit for the majority of auto-seekers.

    Models Were Re-designed Because of Failures

    Manufacturers create model cycles for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is because the first model that are released had some technical "glitches" or problems that were later discovered when the units have already gone out to buyers. In the succeeding model, they will usually try to address these problems and maybe give the unit a facelift for a more updated look.

    Why Should This Concern You: While this does not apply to all the first generation of car models of the market, it does apply to most of them. The Hyundai Getz 2017 is obviously not an exception. That's why it's best to keep this in mind and maybe try to avoid or at least do a little research when it comes to buying first-generation second-hand cars.

    Thank you for visiting and hope you find your dream car the soonest!

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