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Honda Civic 2008 for sale



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Honda Civic 2008 for sale Philippines

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You are searching for Honda Civic 2008 for sale. There is a total of 2 of Honda Civic 2008 available for sale on Honda Civic 2008 has a price ranging from ₱320,000 - ₱348,000. You can view all promotions and offers for new and used Honda Civic 2008 from all dealers at Philkotse with complete and detailed information including prices, features, specs, and photos.

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For sale Honda Civic FD 2008 1.8S AT

  • Used car
  • 2008
  • Automatic
  • 72,000 km
Metro Manila, Quezon City
₱340,000 ₱348,000
Monthly payment
Negotiable price/mo

2008 Honda Civic Sedan at cheap price

  • Used car
  • 2008
  • Automatic
  • 87,000 km
Metro Manila, Pasig
₱290,000 ₱320,000
Monthly payment
Negotiable price/mo
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Honda Civic 2008 for Sale at Philkotse, Why Not?

Whether you intend to buy a used or new Honda Civic, you must be aware of the vehicle's specifications in order to make the best purchase. The Honda Civic 2008 reviews on the benefits and drawbacks of the vehicle below will provide you with a more realistic and complete look at the 8th generation Honda Civic, which has been on the market for almost a decade. Honda Civic 2008 will undoubtedly be the best choice for automobile aficionados in the C-segment sedan sector.

Let’s find out everything about Honda Civic 2008 and if you ever wonder about the used Honda Civic 2008, read below to discover everything!

Demand to buy Honda Civic 2008 for sale in the Philippines

The 2008 Civic Honda size index has more alterations than previous Civic models, bringing to the observer a car with sleek, long, and tiny features in accordance with the vehicle's pricing group. Looking at the 2008 Honda Civic, it is clear that the car has a sporty style, a current design, and is capable of competing with the cars on the market in 2023.

Moreover, the 2008 Honda Civic's compact appearance indicates that the inside area of the vehicle may not be very vast, yet with four people seated in the car, the Honda Civic 2008 can still meet the comfort. in every movement. The vehicle's interior is thought to have a pretty repetitive look and is outfitted with the most basic equipment to serve passengers inside the car. 

The interior assessments of the Honda Civic 2008 1.8 MT or version 2.0 both give users great satisfaction with the current and clean design of the taplo panel in front of the cockpit. Taplo is scientifically organized, neat, and simple for drivers to utilize when driving automobiles on any route. The inside seat system is coated in leather to provide passengers with a clean, smooth, and elegant feeling.

As a result, with all above elements, the demand for purchasing and selling Honda Civic 2008 remains high today. Additionally, the price for a used Honda Civic 2008 is way much cheaper than the very first days it launched in the Philippines.

Honda Civic Price Philippines when it first launched was about ₱1.368.000 - ₱1.775.000, however now it is only from ₱300.000 on Philkotse.

Should You Buy The Latest Honda Civic or Honda Civic 2008 for sale?

To be honest, it’s up to YOUR DECISION! We will briefly tell you that purchasing a Honda Civic 2008 for sale will not disappoint you! To be more specific, the used Honda Civic features more engine options and a more modern, sporty interior and exterior than the newer ones. Honda Civic is specifically positioned as a C-class sedan, thus it is not surprising that the inside and external systems of the car are tastefully built. 

Those who want to own an old version Honda Civic but do not want to buy a new automobile for sale can do so because the quality is still fairly good. The ancient Honda Civic design is considered highly robust; even though the automobile model is more than 5-8 years old, it still appears fairly attractive, similar to the 2008 Civic Honda, which is still popular.

Now, let’s compare Honda Civic price Philippines below!


Price list

Honda Civic 2008

Start from ₱300.000

Honda Civic 2023

₱ 1,368,000 - ₱ 1,775,000

As you can see the price above, we do believe that you all can have your own answer. The advantages of purchasing a 2008 Honda Civic are instantly apparent, such as: the cost of purchasing a car is appropriate for your personal resources. Honda Civic 2008 is the top priority for individuals who care about the brand and origin of the vehicle. For the same money, you can only own a new car from a mid-tier marque. But with that kind of money, you may have a car like the 2008 Honda Civic, which has a lot of wonderful features.

To summarize, based on budget and usage, you will probably find out whether to buy a new car or a 2008 Civic!