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Honda Brio Amaze Philippines Overview

The Brio Amaze is a four-door subcompact sedan first launched by Honda in April 2013 in India. This is Honda's entry to the city car category. Honda made this based on the Brio hatchback and followed almost the same design and structure. After its launch in India, it was developed by Honda R&D Pacific Asia Co. in Bangkok, Thailand. The Amaze is Honda's original diesel car released in India, which uses the same petrol engine as the Brio hatchback. On the other hand, the latter uses the engine that is initially fitted in another Honda concept car. Apart from that, the Honda Brio Amaze is also recognized as a 4-meter entry-level sedan that can even compete against other sedans released in India in the same year. The Brio Amaze is the smallest sedan under Honda at that time. Of course, it was by a worthy competitor when it was first launched in the Philippines - the Mitsubishi Mirage G4. The Brio Amaze later got its facelift in 2016. After that, the updated model had an entirely new design, a new grille, a new dashboard, and taillights. It also was made to use the CVT - replacing the old automatic transmission – without having the engine switched entirely. The CVT transmission is only available in the petrol variant.


The new Honda Amaze was launched in India in 2014. It came with the new Digipad as its infotainment system. It comes in a convenient size of 17.7 centimeters long. For phone connectivity, a Mirror Link support system is added along with 1.5 GB memory storage.

In the Philippines, Honda’s Brio Amaze was also introduced in 2014. Though its more conventional brother, the Brio hatchback, got a new facelift and a brand new power mill in 2019, The Amaze remained the same. However, there was a limited edition variety based on the S trim with a manual gearbox. The Honda Brio Amaze can be bought in three trims, namely Amaze 1.3 S AT, Amaze 1.3 E MT, and the 1.3 V Navi AT.

The Honda Brio Amaze. It was an affordable, and easy to drive city car.



The exterior of the Brio Amaze isn't entirely perfect, but it does have a few quirks. First off, it does come with multi-reflector illuminating headlamps, a sporty-looking chrome grille, and good-looking turn signal lights.

The Amaze is also given LED brake lamps for better visibility from the rear. There are also bulb-type tail lamps detailed with chrome accents to add a contrasting appearance. The door handles share the same color with the mirrors and the rest of the car. 

To add to that, the Amaze also comes with a micro antenna. This is connected to the car’s infotainment system installed in the car. There are also intermittent wipers at the front windshield sitting along with washers. It also comes with standard window defoggers.


The interior is given either a 1-DIN stereo, an advanced auditory system, or with a two DIN Navigation system depending on the variant chosen. Connectivity is in forms of AUX-IN, Bluetooth, DVD/CD, and USB for the infotainment system.

The 2-DIN, however, doesn't come with the Bluetooth system. The audio would be sent through the 2 or 4-speaker system. This would, of course, depend on which Honda Brio Amaze variant you have. The climate can be manually controlled through the corresponding buttons.

The Honda Amaze comes in an elegant black and beige color scheme. The panels, lining at the door, and the roof are all in beige. The dashboard, on the other hand, is black. The seats can also be beige if you wanted to match them with the seats. There are also backseat pockets right behind the seats of both the front passenger and driver's seat.

Technology & Safety Features

As mentioned earlier, there are three options for your infotainment system. First, we have the one-DIN stereo sound system. Next, would be the two-DIN stereo system. And lastly, there is the two-DIN system with a touchscreen factor that's also NAV ready. It isn't equipped with automatic control for the climate, so you'll have to use it manually.

As for its safety features, the Brio Amaze is equipped with EBD and ABS as a standard. There is also a seatbelt safety reminder, though only for the driver. You'll also find a three-point seatbelt around the car except for the middle passenger seat.

Platform & Chassis

The Brio Amaze is a four-door subcompact sedan that's actually one of the smallest cars available in the Philippine market. You can get the Amaze in a front-wheel-drive and front-engine variant. It has disc brakes on the front and drum brakes at the rear for balanced stopping power.

The car’s suspension in front is MacPherson strut bars. But for the rear, there is only a torsion beam. The updated sedan also gained a bit of length and even put on some weight - making it now heavier than its hatchback kin. To be precise, the Amaze weighs 50-100 kg more than the Brio hatchback.

Engine & Drivetrain

The Brio Amaze has been given the biggest engine compared to most of Hinda's offer to the Philippine market. With a 1.3Liter and 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine, the Honda Brio Amaze can produce up to 99 horsepower and 127 Newton meters of torque. 

This allows the Brio Amaze to have a top speed of 165 kilometers per hour, which is actually pretty fast. It's also expected to set a sprint record of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 13.3 seconds. The Honda Brio Amaze can also be fitted with either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic transmission – depending on your type.

Honda Brio Amaze 2023 Specifications


  • 1.3 L
    99 hp
  • 128 Nm
    AT , MT

Suspension & Brakes

  • MacPherson Strut
  • Manual (Hand)


  • 3,990
    1,680 mm
    1,485 mm
  • 150 mm


  • 5
    400 L


  • Halogen , Halogen
    14 inches


  • Fabric


  • Turnkey
  • None
  • With
  • None

Safety & Security

  • 2
  • With
    None , With
  • None

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Honda Brio Amaze 2023 News

The new Honda Brio Amaze 2018 will be powered by a 1.5l diesel engine working with a CVT. Click to get more details about the new tech of the Brio Amaze 2018.

Honda Brio Amaze 2018 now comes with a Diesel CVT tech

The new Honda Brio Amaze 2018 will be powered by a 1.5l diesel engine working with a CVT.

May 17, 2018

Second-gen Honda Brio Amaze 2018 sedan officially launched in India

The new Brio Amaze looks more mature.

Feb 13, 2018

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