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 Volkswagen Cebu To get your best auto deals in Cebu with top-care customer service satisfaction, Volkswagen Cebu is definitely one of your priorities. The dealership is seated at A. Soriano Ave. N. Reclamation Area. Come and enjoy our service.

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Volkswagen Cebu Location: A. Soriano Avenue, North Reclamation Area Cebu City 6000, Philippines Phone Number: 0927 842 0280

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After a long time withdrawing from the market, Volkswagen made its comeback into the Philippines in 2013. Volkswagen Group laid its faith in the Volkswagen Central Enterprise Inc. as its sole distributor of Volkswagen vehicles for the Philippine market with the name Volkswagen Philippines.

The official signing ceremony happened on May 27, 2013, in Hongkong with the attendance of various very important figures such as CEO and Fernando Zobel de Ayala, the President of Ayala Corp. and John Philipp, the Ayala Automotive Holdings’ CEO and President. With its myriad partnerships, Ayala Group is credited to bolster its dominance in the auto industry.

The German automaker began producing vehicles in the 1930s. Up to the moment, it has appeared in more than 150 countries and built over one hundred factories to produce more than 10m units.

There are twelve auto brands that represent Volkswagen. Right now, Volkswagen showrooms are expecting the arrivals of upcoming models as follows: - Volkswagen Santana GTS - Volkswagen Lamando - Volkswagen T-Cross There are now a total of 8 Volkswagen dealerships in the Philippine market.

A. Soriano Avenue, North Reclamation Area Cebu City 6000, Philippines
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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat - Sun: 10am - 5:30pm


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Volkswagen, Cebu
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Toyota Corolla Altis

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A. Soriano Avenue, North Reclamation Area Cebu City 6000, Philippines

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