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Cars for sale in San Miguel Iloilo

San Miguel, Iloilo
2 results found
Used 2013 Mitsubishi Adventure Gls Sports SE For Sale

2013 Mitsubishi Adventure Gls Sports SE For Sale

Iloilo, San Miguel


Manual 40,000 Km

Used Honda City 2014 good as new for sale

Honda City 2014 good as new for sale

Iloilo, San Miguel


Automatic 60,000 Km

    Taxes and fees when buying a new car

    Take a break from browsing through our certified listings at! There are tons of great car deals on our site and more are added every day. You've stumbled upon the page for Cars for sale in San Miguel, Iloilo. We've got a few handy tips for you to make your car buying experience easier.

    They say there are only 2 things constant in the world, and those are death and taxes. The moment you're born you seemingly get taxed for simply breathing.

    Make sure that you are aware of all the fees and taxes attributed to car purchasing before you pull the trigger on making your purchase cars from any car brands in the Philippines and empower yourself to see if you can have an expense or two removed.

    Destination Charge

    Destination charges are straight fees that are passed along to the consumer to compensate for an expense levied to the dealer. As the name indicates, a destination charge is the cost for having the vehicle delivered from the car's origin to the dealership.

    Many dealers already have this fee included in their car price. Make sure to check the updated Philippines car price list to catch up with the latest pricing changes in all models and make sure that there are no other hidden charges are present apart from the destination charge.

    Processing and Documentation Fee

    Documentation fees covers the dealership's cost to handle all the paperwork and administration duties utilized for processing documents necessary in car ownership. This can help streamline the filing processes taking place for you. Contact the nearest car dealers in San Miguel, Iloilo to know more details and you can get your budget ready before heading up there. It's a non-negotiable fee but can be used as leverage in negotiating for the vehicle price.

    Advertising Fee

    This is another pass-along expense charged to the car-buyer wherein the dealer passes along the cost of marketing and advertising their vehicle.

    Sales Tax

    Different cities and countries usually add their own tax topping the state tax. So, most probably, the amount you will pay varies within a country or state.

    After Sales Value Added Services

    There are plenty other fees you can possibly find in your sales invoice such as VIN etching, Rust Proofing, Paint and Fabric protection among others. These things should just be optional but if you do see them listed on your invoice try to discuss this with the dealers to see if you can negotiate against having them on you car.

    Information is the best tool at your disposal. If you are well informed you have the potential to save thousands of pesos off the top of your purchase.

    In case you want to wander to look for more choices of affordable vehicles, we also offer a cars for Sale section that features both brand new and pre-owned cars from verified sellers and owners around the country.

    Follow to read up on the latest news, reviews and insights on the local car industry and maybe you can use that information to get the best deal out of your next purchase!