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  • Tata Super Ace

    Tata Super Ace

    Model Price Philippines
    Price available upon request
  • Tata Ace

    Tata Ace

    Model Price Philippines
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Used Tata for sale in the Philippines

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You are currently exploring our list of used Tata cars for sale by verified dealers and owners. You can find 1 used Tata cars for sale on Philkotse. Get more best Tata used car deals on the market at, along with used cars from Tata with price details and photos.

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Used Tata Ace From ₱285,000
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2017 Tata Ace HT Manual Diesel

  • Used car
  • 2017
  • Manual
  • 74,000 km
Metro Manila, Quezon City

Buying a used Tata Car: Shall We Avoid the First Year Models?

We have been hearing tons of myths around first-year models and their performance efficiency in recent days. Some believe if you are in the market for the new Tata price in the Philippines, buy the most-updated cars with latest features as all the niggles from the previous versions are resolved.

Is this true?

Let us debunk the myths surrounding the first year or base year cars upon looking for the used cars for sale in the Philippines. Also, is going to provide buyers with a complete guide to search for your Tata 2nd hand car.

1. Is it a risk to buy a Tata base year model?

Answer is both yes and no. Sometimes manufacturers release the newer cars with massive updates from the previous-gen cars but there’s also a case when the first releases are matched with superior hi-quality that the younger ones may lose out. 

In order to get a successful second hand car purchase, you’d better read comprehensive experts and owners’ reviews about the base model then compare them with the most upgraded ones. There’s a chance that owning a base year car may be a better choice as it fits your budget and auto needs better.

2. Are Tata base year models just as good as the new and updated release?

It’s an unsecurable answer but surely upgrades entails additional expenses if you want the latest audio features and tech gadgets to your Tata.

Based on your auto need, you’d better stick with the first-year model. Once again, it all comes down to what car you need most.

3. Are Tata base year models delivering the same performance superiority to new releases?

There are many chances that you can find first-year cars offering the performance that is almost on par with your needs.
You can do your own research on its overall performance or consult your trusted car expert about the information you need to know regarding a model and its features.

Many assume the idea that base-year models are less impressive in terms of quality, reliability, and performance, but this is not the case for all brands. Some models are impressive just at the first release and later upgraded for its visual aesthetic, technological updates and infotainment systems.

How many used Tata cars for sale are available in the Philippines?

1 2nd hand Tata for sale are available at Philkotse for you to choose.

Which is the cheapest second hand Tata car for sale?

Used Tata Ace is the cheapest car for sale with its price is only ₱285,000.

Which is the most expensive used Tata car for sale?

The most expensive 2nd hand Tata for sale on Philkotse is Tata Ace at ₱285,000

Are second hand Tata for sale on Philkotse reliable?

Absolutely, all used Tata cars for sale on Philkotse are verified from trusted sellers and in good condition.

Why you should purchase pre-owned Tata cars for sale?

Low price, good reputation and Lower Insurance rates.