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Used King Long for sale

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4 results found
Used King Long Univan 2014 MT for sale

King Long Univan 2014 MT for sale

Maguindanao, General Salipada K. Pendatun



Used King Long Max 2014 for sale

King Long Max 2014 for sale

Metro Manila, Makati


Manual 187,472 Km

Used 2013 king long univan 16 seater

2013 king long univan 16 seater

Pangasinan, Manaoag


Manual 130,000 Km

Used King Long Univan

King Long Univan

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong


Manual 60,000 Km

    Things To Avoid When Buying Used King Long Cars

    When people think of second-hand cars for sale, they immediately jump to the misconceptions of cheap and old-looking vehicles. However, this is not the case for some dealerships.

    Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is worth every penny you spend for when done right. Although it can be tempting to buy a brand new model, deciding to commit to a second-hand car is an excellent alternative for those whose budget is limited.

    To guide you in your hunt, compiled a list of what to avoid when searching for a 2nd hand King Long vehicle.

    1. Dealership-based financing

    As much as these dealerships would like to provide you with the best deals for your money and needs, dealership financing is a hefty sum to shoulder.

    The monthly installments will rack up interests and additional fees provided that your dealership handles your payment schemes. If possible, obtain financing from other sources like banks or financial institutions.

    Another viable option is to save up for the purchase. When you have an idea of how much you can spend, you'll be guided with your negotiations regarding car price and fees.

    2. Deciding on a deal based on the number of installments

    Spending within your means is an influential factor to the purchase. However, this basis alone should not be enough to decide on what deal works best for you.

    For example, lower monthly installments may seem attractive for people that are looking to save some bucks. But, if you look at the payment period, you'll be paying more than what is necessary.

    For loans or installments that is optimized with the compounding interest scheme, it'll make sense to opt for a shorter payment period. The payments may appear higher than what you can afford but, it'll save you thousands of pesos in the long run.

    3. Ditching the test drive

    In a shocking statistical report, about 20% of used car buyers don't test drive the vehicle before closing the deal. Ironically, those who choose to purchase brand new cars take at least 6-7 vehicles for a test drive.

    Test drives are the opportunity for the buyer to test the car's performance and if the vehicle suits him. This is done not just to protect the buyer from remorse but to ensure that the car is performing well.

    All in all, even if it is a model from such a reliable automaker like King Long Philippines, it is still a must to do a proper test drive before taking the leap.

    4. Dismiss the Vehicle History Report

    Aside from the test drive and an in-depth assessment done by a mechanic, never forget to check into the vehicle's history report. This report is crucial in determining the overall status of the car.

    This report contains previous owners, accidents involved with, and significant problems encountered. Information stated in the report is your guide on what to expect in terms of engine performance and issues you'll be dealing with. At the same time, this is an influential factor when choosing to purchase a specific brand.


    You are browsing second-hand King Long for sale on - where you are provided with comprehensive car listings +that guarantees the best deals to your needs. If you are planning to lookbrand Philippines, never forget to ask for its documentation. Also, it would help to purchase second-hand vehicles from trusted and reliable car-selling platforms.