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King Long for sale

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4 results found
Used King Long Univan 2014 MT for sale

King Long Univan 2014 MT for sale

Maguindanao, General Salipada K. Pendatun



Used King Long Max 2014 for sale

King Long Max 2014 for sale

Metro Manila, Makati


Manual 187,472 Km

Used 2013 king long univan 16 seater

2013 king long univan 16 seater

Pangasinan, Manaoag


Manual 130,000 Km

Used King Long Univan

King Long Univan

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong


Manual 60,000 Km

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    Most Important Features for Your Next Car

    Back then, people buy cars out of sheer necessity. The pre-requisites of purchasing a car revolves around the objective of being able to get from one point to another in your terms. It should just be able to transport you whenever you like to wherever you want.

    Today, potential car buyers know that the car will transport them and it is a given fact, so they tend to decide on what car to purchase based from the features that King Long Philipines and a specific model have to offer.

    There is no such thing as a basic car now. Both brand new and pre-owned cars for sale now have a list of jargons and features supposedly pegged as necessities. For an amateur or old car buyer, these jargons, packages, and accessories may be intimidating and at the same time pose a great temptation to get it all together, but the most crucial question is, 'do you need it and does it meet your needs?'

    Here are some safety features that should be part of your checklist when you consider the best King Long cars for sale:

    1. Forward collision warning - as the name suggests, this feature will provide the driver with a visual and/or audible warning when a collision is imminent.
    2. Automatic emergency braking - usually coupled with pedestrian detection, these will automatically apply the brakes so a collision can be prevented when it senses that there is another car in its way. It also reduces the impact if the crash cannot be avoided.
    3. Blind spot alert - this will give the driver with a heads-up that another car is alongside the car when in a blind spot.
    4. Full 360-degree camera system - there has been some news lately about kids being run over by family because of poor visuals when backing out or parking, these cameras will provide the driver with a bird's eye view with its strategically placed cameras. These cameras are located throughout the car - in the grille, below the side mirrors, and at the back. This would also make parking a breeze.
    5. Automatic high beams - this recommended system will automatically turn on the high beams when there is no oncoming traffic. This will also be triggered to lower down when traffic is detected. This will prevent other drivers in being blinded, making the whole roads a safer place.

    Aside from security, there are other features to add in your checklist of must-haves. Again, it makes the overall driving experience better not just for you and your passengers but also to all others who are out on the road. Remember to be open and receptive to numerous features as offered by different King Long Philippines dealerships.

    1. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto - everything can now be under your fingertips. A touch, tap, or scroll can make everything more accessible, and this includes driving. Synced with your car's infotainment system, these applications not only make directions, calls, and multimedia more convenient, but it also allows the driver to stay focused on the road and not on the phones.
    2. USB charging - this means fast USB usually charging the USB type C plugs that give you up to 3 amps shortening the charging time regardless if the mobile phone is being used or not. Mobile phones, after all, have become a lifeline, especially during emergencies.
    3. Keyless entry - pretty amazing with how this feature detects that the fob is within the perimeter without the need to press any buttons. It is handy and efficient as you don't need to dig for keys when your hands are full.

    These are all recommendations pegged as the most important features your next car should have. It is up to you if you want to keep or skip these!

    Watch out for awesome deals from! You might find your dream ride posted here in our portal.