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Tesla for sale in the Philippines

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  • Model 3
  • Model X

As of 05/23/2024, there is a total of 3 of new and used Tesla cars available for sale in the Philippines including 2 Sedans . The cheapest car for sale is Tesla Model 3 at ₱3,400,000 and driven at 1,000km. Meanwhile, the most expensive Tesla car for sale is Tesla Model X with a price of ₱18,500,000.

Most popular Tesla cars for sale

Model Name Price
Tesla Model 3 From ₱3,400,000 - ₱4,000,000
Tesla Model X From ₱18,500,000
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Brand New 2024 Tesla Cybertruck AWD Foundation Series

  • New car
  • 2024
  • Automatic
Metro Manila, Quezon City

HOT!!! 2023 Tesla Model 3 for sale at affordable price

  • Used car
  • 2023
  • Automatic
  • 1,000 km
Metro Manila, Manila

Tesla Model 3 2023

  • Used car
  • 2023
  • Automatic
  • 1,000 km
Metro Manila, Manila
₱3,350,000 ₱4,000,000
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Buy the most suitable cars for you

Nowadays there are many people buying a car as the primary vehicle in the Philippines. This is comprehensible since cars not only meet the need of several customers with a reasonable price but also provide consumers with variable choices of colors, models, and prices.

If you are considering car Tesla for sale, don’t miss out on this article where we will show you the best way to buy the most suitable cars for you.

High demand for Brand for sale

The demand for Brand for sale in the Philippines has increased partly because the car supply market here is very large. Citizens can easily find a suitable car for their needs everywhere. The Philippines consumes about 300,000 vehicles yearly and is in 4th place in ASEAN. Cars for sale here are of various ranges, models, colors, and also prices. People are looking for not only brand new vehicles but also second-hand ones. A used car in the Philippines in this day and age is even in higher demand than an up-to-date one.

More demand also means a bigger amount of work for Philippines Tesla dealerships. They have to make sure their price is reasonable according to the provided Tesla Philippines price list. People would like to choose a brand that has high-quality products, lower prices, and long-lasting guarantees. Since there is such a wide range of cars in the market, many people find it challenging to get themselves a suitable one. Here we will show you some criteria to choose a worthy car.

How to buy the most suitable car?

Step 1: Acknowledge your demand
First, you have to know how you are going to use that car. What’s your purpose when you buy that vehicle? Different purposes require distinct choices. For instance, a car for a family trip differs from a car for racing. Noticing your need is the first and crucial part to choose the correct car!

Step 2: Pay attention to its size
If your family is a nuclear family with less than 4 members, a compact 5-seater sedan or 5-seater hatchback which is easy to move is a wise choice.

In case your family has many people or often has to travel long distances such as traveling or having a picnic, high-rise models, especially 7-seater cars, are the optimal choice. Not only do they ensure enough seating for all members, but the storage space is also extremely comfortable.

Step 3: Don’t forget the safety equipment
For cars, safety is always of utmost importance. Many manufacturers also take this criterion to promote their products.

A group of basic safety equipment including ABS, distribution, and brake assist, helps you control the direction while driving. The airbag system contributes to protecting the occupants of the vehicle in the event of a collision. In addition, the power of the engine determines whether the car can climb slopes and carry loads well.

Step 4: The price also plays an important role
Last, always check the price before making a deal. Forgetting this step can cost you a lot of money and sometimes isn't worth it. Choose a car with a reasonable price but meet all your needs!

Buying the most suitable cars for sale is not difficult if you know all above steps. Hopefully, you could find the best option for you soon. Following Philkotse for more details!

Tesla cars for sale in the Philippines: FAQs

What is the price of Tesla cars for sale in the Philippines?

Tesla for sale in Philippines varies from ₱3,400,000 to ₱18,500,000.

What is the cheapest price of Tesla for sale available in Philippines?

Currently, the cheapest Tesla car for sale is Model 3 with its price starting at ₱3,400,000.

Which is the most expensive Tesla car for sale available in Philippines?

Tesla Model X has the highest price among all Tesla cars for sale available on Philkotse at ₱18,500,000.

How do I know whether the Tesla car sale is trusted?

100% sellers on Philkotse are authorized and they have to guarantee the accuracy, condition and legality of the items for sale.

Should I buy a new or used Tesla for sale?

Owning a brand-new car is perfect. However, if your budget is tight, 2nd hand Tesla car is a more suitable option. You can definitely find a used car like new at cheap price.