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Nissan Ds-2 for sale (2)

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Nissan Ds-2 1996 eagle pickup truck Featured

Nissan Ds-2 1996 eagle pickup truck

  • Used
  • 1996
  • Manual
  • 196,000 km
Negros Occidental, Bacolod
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Nissan Ds-2 2001 Automatic Gasoline P115,000

  • Used
  • 2001
  • Automatic
  • 190,000 Km
Metro Manila, Pasig
Monthly payment
Negotiable price/mo

Buying a Used Car: How Do I Check Safety Ratings?

You are now browsing through, one of the largest buy and sell platforms of the automobile in the country.

More than design and engine performance, the factor that most concerned buyers take into consideration when buying a used car is safety. Although it's easy to check the safety ratings of a brand new car, it may be fairly hard to gauge the ratings of a used one.

Below are some helpful tips and info you need to know about checking a Nissan car for sale in terms of safety ratings before driving it home.

What is a “used car safety ratings”?

Used car safety ratings are also referred to as the UCSR. This is based on how four-wheeled vehicles performed when tested in real-world situations way back in 1990 until 2013. The incidents showed heart-wrenching results where people were seriously injured, if not killed.

The data used in the test was gathered from an approximate count of seven million accidents that took place in countries like New Zealand and Australia. The information gathered here was found useful in generating safety ratings that were based on how reliable the vehicles were when it comes to lethal accidents.

The ratings were made from info in accordance with real-world data. This means that there could be some vehicle brands that may not have been rated yet. Therefore, to ensure that your purchased Nissan Ds-2 Philippines meets the safety requirements, check it carefully.

How do experts calculate the safety ratings of a used car?

The UCSR utilizes the international standard in determining a vehicle's safety rating. The factors included in their calculation are the structural design, the safety features built in the vehicle, as well as the car's mass.

They also take into consideration other factors that can affect the severity of a collision and the level of potential injury. They also include the gender of the driver, the age and the location of previous crash occasions.

Is there any other way you can judge the safety level of a used vehicle?

Asides from the standardized ratings implemented by the UCSR there is also another way to gauge the safety ratings of a used car without extensive knowledge of the international standards. Take a look below:

Front airbags - The front air bags protect both the driver and the passenger in the event of a head-on crash. These may vary from different car models, so it is best to inspect if your prospect second-hand Nissan Ds-2 comes with this feature.

Curtain airbags - The curtain airbags are also known as the side airbags. This protects the head from hitting the side areas like the door, window as well as other external elements that may puncture the windows.

Electronic Stability Control - This feature is common in contemporary smart cars. It reduces the possibility of skidding and losing control caused by oversteering.

Auto emergency brakes - The auto emergency brakes alert the driver when there is imminent collision up ahead. With the help of the sensors installed in the vehicle, it is able to apply the brakes without the driver's consent to avoid crashing into the obstruction. It is not a must, but it will be perfect if the Nissan Ds-2 0 you are interested in is equipped with this feature.

Traction control - The traction control feature slows down the rotation of the vehicle's wheels to achieve optimal grip and traction on the road.

Seatbelts - the seatbelts protects the drivers and the passengers of the vehicle. It keeps them from being thrown out of the car in the event of a collision.

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