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Isuzu Xuv 2007 for sale

7 results found
2007 Isuzu XUV Diesel 2007 Sale or Swap The listing has expired

2007 Isuzu XUV Diesel 2007 Sale or Swap

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Manual 60,000 Km

Izusu Cross Wind xuv 2007 for sale The listing has expired

Izusu Cross Wind xuv 2007 for sale

Cavite, Silang



Isuzu XUV 2007model The listing has expired

Isuzu XUV 2007model

Pampanga, Santo Tomas



Isuzu Crosswind XUV 2007 AT The listing has expired

Isuzu Crosswind XUV 2007 AT

Metro Manila, Quezon City


Automatic 130,000 Km

Crosswin XUV The listing has expired

Crosswin XUV

Isabela, Alicia



Crosswind sportivo body The listing has expired

Crosswind sportivo body

Cagayan, Tuguegarao


Automatic 90,000 Km

Isuzu XUV 2007 MT The listing has expired

Isuzu XUV 2007 MT

Davao del Sur, Davao City


    Signs of purchasing a stolen car

    Every once in a while, you would encounter a deal that is so whopping awesome that you'd feel like you are the luckiest individual in the world. You come across a second hand car for sale with a price that is even below your set budget. It's too good to be true, and usually, you take the bait, don't let the chance pass and simply seal the deal.

    Cheaper alternatives and offers are indeed too good to be true and rare that it should automatically raise a red warning sign for you. It should make you think why a car is being sold for such a commercial purpose, and usually, transactions tend to be fast – too fast. Thanks to hustlers and car-nappers, a lot of people are made vulnerable by the low-cost deals that they end by purchasing a stolen car.

    Be wary though and always look out for signs that you might be dealing with a stolen car. Here are some subtle signs that would make you think for a second and a third time to make sure that your next Isuzu Xuv is not a stolen one.

    All transactions are rushed and impersonal

    The person you are dealing with would usually contact you using different phone numbers and email addresses with minimal information about him or her. You would also notice some inconsistencies with the data that is being provided to you. Personal transactions are sporadic as everything is being remote as possible with very minimal communication. If the person offering you a Isuzu Xuv 2007 that dictates the time and pressures you for time, stop the conversation pronto.

    Cash only, please!

    Every transaction warrants binding documents, official receipts and for cars, the legal transfer of ownership to you. During a car transaction, the papers of the car should be ready for inspection as requested, and if you are dealing with a stolen car, most likely your pseudo dealer won't have those documents unless they're fabricated ones. Thus these dealers would require you to pay for cash up front with only a verbal agreement and nothing else.

    VIN Identification is a fail

    the car's VIN should always be visible with no signs of it being tampered. If you can't recognize the car's 17-digit identification or if you do but with signs of alterations then dig deeper as you might be working on stolen goods.

    Get assistance with legitimate websites or get with the National Insurance Crime Bureau so you can trace the history of this car. You can also ask your trusted car mechanic or insurer as well to take a look or a quick scan of that pre-owned Isuzu Xuv for your peace of mind before proceeding any next steps.

    Hesitation and refusal to show a deed of sale

    This is pretty obvious because technically, the original copies won't be in the possession of these hustlers. There might be copies of the documentation of the car inside the vehicle when it was stolen but not the certified true copies.

    If the seller refuses or hesitates to sow a bill of sale – which the seller should have on hand anytime then walk away. If they do provide you with one, make sure that you have it looked over by experts for any falsified documents. To ensure having a safe purchase for a vehicle from Isuzu Philippines, make sure to look for documentation at all times.

    Your instinct is telling you otherwise – trust our instincts. If the deal and offer are too good to be true then most likely there is a catch so follow your guts. Buying a car takes time, and the arrangement and offer will be there waiting for you if it is clear and legal.

    These red flags should make you think triple times and more if the offer is too good. Go for slow, sure, and secure car transactions every time, all the time. With, you are sure to have the car of your dreams without the added worry of having to deal with stolen cars.