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Dodge Intrepid for sale (1)

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Selling Blue Dodge Intrepid 1993 in Manila

  • Used
  • 1993
  • Automatic
  • 50,000 Km
Metro Manila, Quezon City
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    Reasons to Spend More Time Choosing Your Car's Color

    Picking a vehicle's color may be easy for some, while others may take a little more time to consider their choices. Although it may seem a lot easier to just pick out your choice of vehicle, there actually a few good reasons why you should take a little more time before you make up your mind.

    You are now browsing at with an extensive list of second-hand car for sale. We aim to guide buyers with their decision when it comes to purchasing their next ride.

    It Depends On Your Personal Preference

    If you are looking for a Dodge car for sale, obviously the color of this car will solely depend on you. Even if you get the most reasonable suggestions and advice from friends and family about the car color; it would still be your choice in the end. Whether your partner says red but your gut insists blue, you would still want to have the vehicle in blue to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

    One of the biggest reasons why you should spend time in choosing your vehicle's color is for you to pick the one that you see fit to your taste. Know that other people are most likely to chip their opinion in your decision. However, you should remember that you'll be the one driving, caring and paying for the vehicle; so it's best that you keep your mind focused on the color and shade that you really like.

    The Color Speaks…

    The concept of color and symbolism applies to almost everything - even four-wheeled vehicles. If you're planning to purchase a Dodge Intrepid Philippines as your next car but have not thoroughly informed about what qualities colors are usually associated with, here is a quick breakdown to help you choose:

    Blue - Blue usually means confidence - and that resonates louder if you pick a blue car. The darker shades give off a more mature type of confidence. These are usually chosen by professional men who like to keep a subtle hint of blue.

    Red - A red color is usually the color of attention. Among all other colors, there is nothing more prominent than red. Red is commonly associated with aggression and passion. You can also notice that red is one of the most boastful colors and is usually associated with leadership and power. If you want your vehicle to stand out and be more expressive than the rest, go for a reddish hue.

    Black - Black represents mystery and secrecy. If you want to blend in but still look classy and sophisticated, a black coat would be the best color to go for. Not to mention the fact that we have black pre-owned Dodge Intrepid that you could choose from!

    White - Whatever object it is painted on, the color white usually gives an air of purity, elegance and innocence. Unlike blue, red and black, white tends to just sit well with the rest of the view. Even though white is already a conservative color, it is still attractive to thieves and hijackers. Another downside to a white-colored vehicle is the fact that dirt, grease and scratches are most noticeable on this color than any other.

    The Color Affects Reselling

    Whether you believe it or not, your vehicle's color can also affect the chances of being sold. In Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, the top-selling cars are usually white, silver and black. The next best-sellers are vehicles with red, gray and blue paint. If you have a Dodge Intrepid that has the hue of silver, white or black, chances of being sold quickly are high.

    While on the most bottom tier are the vehicles painted with brown, yellow, green, orange and so on. These colors are believed to be the least appreciated by the larger portion of the world's population of vehicle owners.

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